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Sectors: Economy - Finances, Environment, Innovation, Research, SME Policy

Beneficiaries: Research centres, SMEs, Universities

Regions: Balkans, Candidate countries, European Economic Area, European Union

Category: Prize

Additional info regions:

Eligible countries : EU Member States, Albania, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Faroe Islands, Georgia, Iceland, Israel, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine


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Responsible: European Commission


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Horizon 2020 – KIC Raw materials – Raw Materials and Circular Societies Prize – 2020
Prize for: supporting new ideas for the implementatin of business models that foster repairing, reuse and sharing and Circular economy

Priorities and funded actions:

* Developing ideas for “new” business models supporting the efficient implementation of the Circular Economy in Europe;

* Repair;
* Reuse;
* Sharing Economy/Sharing Platforms;
* Circular products, products designed for circularity (easy to repair, reuse or recycle)

Among financed actions
* Innovative solutions for new business models in the light of Circular economy

Additionnal information
* This contest is an open contest

* Eligibility: 
– Be a legal entity (including natural persons) or group of legal entities such as SMEs, start-up or spin-off companies;
– Be established in an EU Member State or in a country associated to Horizon 2020