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Sectors: Energy, Industry, Innovation, New technologies, Research

Beneficiaries: Agencies Chambers, Corporations, Local and Regional authorities, Research centres, Schools, SMEs, Training centres, Universities

Regions: Worldwide

Category: Call for proposals


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Additional info regions:

 Developing countries: Over 100 developing countries are automatically eligible for funding under Horizon 2020


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Responsible: European Commission


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This call for proposals aims to encourage the sustainability and the innovation in the factories, imagining the “Factories of the Future”.

Priorities and funded actions:

TOPIC 1  ICT-enabled modelling, simulation, analytics and forecasting technologies (2 000 000 – 8 000 000 euro)

– Simulating continuous and discrete manufacturing processes, forecasting the behaviour of manufacturing systems and processes, and designing products to an even larger extent through virtual mock-ups and optimization methods integrated in the design and production chain for Europe’s future manufacturing sector

Among financed actions
– Innovative modelling, simulation, analytics and forecasting tools for manufacturing at large building on advances in ICT. (2 000 000 – 4 000 000 euro)
– Modelling and simulation methods involving multiple phenomena (physical, mechanical, energetic, chemical, energy, material characteristics, cost, …)
– Integrated knowledge-based systems covering the complete product life-cycle with advanced analytics,
– Integrated modelling, simulation and information management systems benefiting from recent advances in ICT.  ( 5 000 000 – 8 000 000 euro )

* TOPIC 2  ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs (I4MS) (5 000 000 – 8 000 000 euro)

– To make advances in ICT in  engineering and manufacturing For Europe’s competitiveness

Among financed actions
– Highly flexible and near-autonomous robotics systems (application experiments).
– HPC Cloud-based modelling, simulation and analytics services for modelling multiple interconnected phenomena; for integrating multiple tools across the process chain; for exploiting the dynamic availability of “big data”; for integrating novel mobile interfaces for data management and decision support; for achieving real-time response (application experiments), and addressing comprehensively security and privacy issues at all levels.
– Integration of Cyber-Physical-System modules in manufacturing processes and process chains (application or assessment experiments) to increase sophistication and automation in production SMEs and to create novel value added services linked to process surveillance and maintenance.
network of Innovation multipliers leveraging investment in research and innovation is to be reinforced:

* TOPIC 3 Manufacturing of custom made parts for personalised products ( 3 000 000 – 6 000 000 euro)

– Develop processing of multi-materials, lightweight and high-strength materials or functionally graded materials, as well as more flexibility and rapid reconfiguring capabilities.

Among financed actions
– Development and integration of advanced design and manufacturing technologies able to transform such new product-service data descriptions and protocols into manufacturing operations and processes exploiting.
–  Development of new machines and processes integrating advanced materials for the manufacturing of personalised parts and products.
– Seamless data integration across the process and supply chains for the fast production and distribution of custom made parts and products.
– Methodologies and tools for the management and running of effective value chains for the fast production and delivery of personalised products.

* TOPIC 4  Flexible production systems based on integrated tools for rapid reconfiguration of machinery and robots

– To develop machinery and robots, essential to answer to the increasing need for highly complex products and to react to rapid changes in market demands

Among financed actions
-Integrated tools for the management of agile production systems as a whole (Manufacturing Execution Systems) and the fast reconfigurable individual machines and robots, optimising the changeover times and costs.
– Standardisation of the communication protocols and data structures fitting the plug and produce philosophy.
– Protocols for interconnecting the production system information with higher level plant management systems.
– Integration of automatic monitoring and optimisation of energy usage in the production system.
– Demonstration of the integrated solution in at least one existing production environment.

* TOPIC 5 Industrial technologies for advanced joining and assembly processes for multi-materials

– To develop multi-material design of components and structures providing a better respond to the new exigent requests of the market

Among financed actions
– Joining and assembly processes aiming to facilitate recycling
– The implementation of numerical simulation techniques, including computational multi-scale modelling
– The implementation and set up of reliable, efficient and automated non-destructive inspection techniques for quality evaluation

* TOPIC 6 Re-use and remanufacturing technologies and equipment for sustainable product lifecycle management

-Develop innovative technologies and approaches to manufacture added-value products with fewer resources and to ensure a sustainable product life cycle

Among financed actions
– Eco-innovative approaches for product design which are capable to take into account re-use and re-manufacturing aspects for enhanced product recovery and spare parts/services support.
– New manufacturing and equipment concepts for re-use and re-manufacturing, with improved resource efficiency and service lifetime.
– New technologies and automation solutions for the effective disassembly/separation and recovery of advanced materials.
– Generation and validation of new business models to improve economic viability of closed-loop life cycles which make use of the systemic approaches for product life-cycle management.

* TOPIC 7 : Integrated design and management of production machinery and processes (3 000 000 – 6 000 000 euro)

-To develop Innovative machines and processes increasingly depend on model-based approaches, i including the monitoring and control elements, throughout the whole machine lifecycle.

Among financed actions
– The development of integrated and accurate simulation models and algorithms for model-based control of production machinery based on cross-disciplinary input and actual machine lifecycle parameters.
–  Demonstration of the reliability of model-based machines with respect to production accuracy/quality, maintainability and lifecycle return-on-investment (e.g. through an industrially scalable demonstrator).