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Sectors: Industry, Innovation, Research, Services, Transport

Beneficiaries: Administrations States, Agencies Chambers, Banks, Corporations, International Organisation, Non-profit organisations, Research centres

Regions: Balkans, Candidate countries, Developing countries, European Economic Area, European Union, Mediterranean countries, New Independant States, Switzerland

Category: Call for proposals


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Responsible: European commission


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Priorities and funded actions:

– SESAR-ER3-01-2016: Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN)
– SESAR-ER3-02-2016: Advanced Air Traffic Services: Separation Management
– SESAR-ER3-03-2016: Optimised ATM Network Services: TBO
– SESAR-ER3-04-2016: Enabling Aviation Infrastructure: CNS for General Aviation
– SESAR-ER3-05-2016: Enabling Aviation Infrastructure: CNS
– SESAR-ER3-06-2016: ATM Operations, Architecture, Performance and Validation
– SESAR-VLD1-01-2016: Arrival Management Extended to En-route airspace
– SESAR-VLD1-02-2016: Integrated Airport
– SESAR-VLD1-03-2016: Network collaborative Management
– SESAR-VLD1-04-2016: Initial Trajectory Information sharing
– SESAR-VLD1-05-2016: Efficient services and infrastructure delivery
– SESAR-VLD1-06-2016: Increased access to airports for low visibility mixed fleet operations
– SESAR-VLD1-07-2016: Applications for trajectory based and queue management using EPP extended into oceanic/intercontinental operations: inter-continental trajectory based operations enabled by Satellite based CNS
– SESAR-VLD1-08-2016: Applications for improved flight trajectories using SWIM B2B services
– SESAR-VLD1-09-2016: Solutions for General Aviation and Rotorcraft
– SESAR-VLD1-10-2016: Safe integration of drones

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