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Sectors: Energy, Environment, Innovation, New technologies, Research

Beneficiaries: Corporations, Research centres, Schools, SMEs, Universities

Regions: Balkans, Candidate countries, Developing countries, European Economic Area, European Union, Mediterranean countries, New Independant States, Switzerland

Category: Call for proposals


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Responsible: European Commission


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Fuel cell and hydrogen technologies hold great promise for energy and transport applications from the perspective of meeting Europe’s energy, environmental and economic challenges. this call is part of the societal challenge “Smart, Green and Integrated Transport”.

Priorities and funded actions:

Topics of the call H2020-JTI-FCH-2015-1 are the following:

FCH-01.1-2015 :  Low cost and durable PEMFCs for transport applications

FCH-01.2-2015 :  Diagnostics and control for increased fuel cell system lifetime in automotive applications

FCH-01.3-2015 : Development of Industrialization-ready PEMFC systems and system components

FCH-01.4-2015 : Adaptation of existing fuel cell components and systems from road to non-road applications

FCH-01.5-2015 : Develop technologies for achieving competitive solutions for APU transport applications based on existing technology

FCH-02.1-2015 : Improved electrolysis for Off-grid Hydrogen production

FCH-02.2-2015 : Improved electrolysis for Distributed Hydrogen production

FCH-02.3-2015 : Development of co-electrolysis using CO2 and water

FCH-02.4-2015 : Proof-of-concept of HT electrolysers at a scale > 70 kW

FCH-02.5-2015 : Development of technology to separate hydrogen from low-concentration hydrogen streams

FCH-02.6-2015 : Development of cost effective manufacturing technologies for key components or fuel cell systems

FCH-02.7-2015 : MW or multi-MW demonstration of stationary fuel cells

FCH-02.8-2015 : Sub-MW demonstration of stationary fuel cells fuelled with biogas from biowaste treatment

FCH-02.9-2015 : Large scale demonstration of µCHP fuel cells

FCH-03.1-2015 :  Large scale demonstration of Hydrogen Refuelling Stations and FCEV road vehicles – including buses and on site electrolysis

FCH-03.2-2015 : Hydrogen territories

FCH-03.3-2015 : Hydrogen delivery with high capacity compressed gas trailer

FCH-04.1-2015 : Recycling and Dismantling Strategies for FCH Technologies

FCH-04.2-2015 : Novel Education and Training Tools

FCH-04.3-2015 : Best practices guidelines on safety issues relating to current and emerging FCH Technologies