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Sectors: Co-op & Development, Human Rights, Humanitarian, Local development

Beneficiaries: Administrations States, Civil Society Organisations, Development NGOs, Non-profit organisations, Universities

Regions: Candidate countries, European Union, Mediterranean countries

Category: Call for proposals


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Additional info regions:

Actions must take place in one the following countries: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Palestine, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria


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Responsible: European Commission


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IEV – Climate for Cities in the Southern Neighbourhood  – 2021
Funds for: contributing to sustainable human development by promoting a transition towards greener and climate-resilient cities in the Southern Neighbourhood, in line with countries’ commitments under the Paris Agreement, and making optimum use of climate finance intruments

Priorities and funded actions:

*To improve citizen’s quality of life through the implementation of resource-efficient and low carbon initiatives, with multiplier effects at local level and good replicability potential
* To improve national and local authorities’ capacity to design innovative frameworks and partnerships for the development, implementation and financing of successful climate action at local level

Priority 1- Implementation of Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans (either partially or in full) at local level
Priority 2 – Where SECAPs have not been developed, implementation of alternative already developed plans focussed on sustainable and integrated climate mitigation and/or adaptation measures at local level, in line with existing national and local plans and countries’ international climate change commitments
Priority 3 – Implementation of soft measures to complement and maximise the local level impact of 1) and 2). More details on soft measures below

Among financed actions
*Development of communication materials for the dissemination of project results and to promote replication at local or national level.
*Hiring technical expertise for the implementation of the project
* Procurement, delivery and supervision of supplies, works, services, exclusively for the achievement of the project’s main objectives
*Organisation of workshops, seminars, courses in relation to the project objectives

Additional information

* This call for proposals is an open call for proposals 

* Initial duration of the action: between 36 months and 48 months


*be a legal person and 
*be non-profit-making and
* be a specific type of organisation namely: a non-governmental organisation, a local authority or a a local public education, academic or research organisation and
* be directly responsible for the preparation and management of the action with the co-applicants and affiliated entity(ies), not acting as an intermediary