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Sectors: Justice - Security, Public Management

Beneficiaries: Administrations States, Local and Regional authorities

Regions: Candidate countries, European Union

Category: Call for proposals


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Additional info regions:

Candidate countries : Albania

Responsible: European commission


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This call for proposals aims to improve the regulatory and oversight functions of the Parliament in order to strengthen the efficient fulfilment of the obligations stemming from EU-Albania Stabilisation and Association Agreement and the EU accession process.

Priorities and funded actions:

– To further strengthen the capacities of Parliament for a more efficient approximation of legislation
– To improve oversight functions of the Parliament in relation to the work of the government and independent institutions
– To strengthen the financial and budgetary autonomy of the Parliament
– To enhance transparency and the administrative capacities of the Parliament

1) Improve legislative procedure and working methods of the Assembly for a more effective EU law approximation process
2) Strengthen parliamentary oversight capacities in relation to the activity of government and independent institutions
3) Strengthen financial and budgetary independence of the Assembly from the government, in line with the European best practices
4) Strengthen transparency and administrative capacities of the Assembly

Among financed activities
– Preparing an analysis of the effects of the new law No.15/2015, on the legislative procedures and the methodological basis of the work of the Assembly, in relation to the approximation process of domestic law with the EU acquis
– Prepare and publish a “Manual on the system of verification of the compatibility of the Albanian Legislation with the EU Acquis at the Parliamentary level”, based on the European best practices on the legal approximation of national law with the EU Acquis
– Advanced training of all advisors of the Legislative Service on EU acquis in relation to the negotiating chapters
– Preparing an analysis of the effects of the new Law No.15/2015 on the oversight role of the Assembly in relation to the European integration process
– Issuing recommendations on the best oversight model/mechanisms to be adopted by the Assembly of Albania for monitoring the EU Accession negotiations
– Basic and advanced training of the members of the Technical Secretariat of the National Council on the European Integration, based on the training needs assessment of this new structure
– Preparing an analysis of the existing constitutional and legal framework on the financial and budgetary independence of the parliament from the government, based on the best European practices in this field
– Preparing a draft-law on the budget of the Assembly, which should provide the legal procedures for drafting, approval and implementation of Parliament’s budget, independently from the government (depending on legal recommendations of the analysis conducted in the framework of the activity of point one above)
– Preparing draft-amendments to the Rules of Procedure of the Assembly and to other relevant internal rules and regulations, with a view to bring them in compliance with the provisions of the new draft-law on the financial and budgetary independence of Parliament that will be elaborated in the framework of activity of point two above
– Analysing and preparing proposals for the review of the Assembly’s Rules of Procedure, in order to bring it in compliance with the highest standards of transparency in the activity of parliamentary Committees
– Advanced training of the legal advisors of the Legislative Service and Monitoring of the Independent Institutions Service on the traditional/new methodologies of legal research, academic legal writing, case-law and legal reasoning
– Training of the staff members of the Parliamentary Publication Service on the best practices relating to the transcription and the preparation of minutes of the meetings of the parliament bodies and plenary sittings as well as the materials for publication;