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Sectors: Agriculture - Fisheries, Environment, Industry, Innovation, New technologies

Beneficiaries: Research centres, SMEs

Regions: European Economic Area, European Union

Category: Call for proposals


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Additional info regions:

Partners countries: Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden


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WE funding – JPI Oceans – Support…
Funds for: Supporting a sustainable and competitive Blue Bioeconomy
Main beneficiaries: Research centres, SMEs

Responsible: European commission


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Funds for: Supporting a sustainable and competitive Blue Bioeconomy
Main beneficiaries: Research centres, SMEs

Priorities and funded actions:

* To achieve a sustainable and competitive Blue Bioeconomy in Europe by:
– Generating knowledge for Blue Bioeconomy value chains;
– Improving the transfer of bio-based products and services from research, innovation and demonstrations to production scale implementing the multi-actor-approach;
– Contributing to the production of safe, nutritious and valuable bio-products and services, while applying the food first principle;
– Promoting a circular economy in order to develop alternative uses of waste from production as a resource

* To explore new bio-resources;
* To explore improvements in fisheries and aquaculture;
* To explore synergies across sectors;
* To explore Biotechnology and ICT

Among financed actions
* Develop innovative uses for waste and underutilised material from fisheries and aquaculture to achieve zero waste;
* Develop aquatic biomass like e. g. algae and marine invertebrates to extract value in sustainable value chains and biorefinery processes;
* Unlock the potential of microbiomes to support growth in aquaculture, fisheries, food processing and biotechnology;
* Create predictive tools to improve the identification and targeting of biodiversity “hot-spots” in the oceans, e.g. by use of omics-based technologies;
* Introduce new species for improvement of aquaculture and fisheries;
* Apply a combination of methods, processes, technologies and novel resources such as biotechnology to: create innovative feeds; improve brood stocks; improve biosecurity; define stock baselines; assess stock;
* Create synergies between aquaculture and fisheries;
* Explore synergies with land-based production in areas such as food and feed production and processing, biorefining, bioenergy, biomaterials, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, chemicals and nutrients or maximising the use of aquatic bioresources in terrestrial value chains;
* Apply biotechnology and ICT to develop smart, efficient, traceable aquatic food systems;
* Apply the latest developments in ICT (IoT, machine learning, big data) to the Blue Bioeconomy

Additional information
* This call for proposals is a restricted call for proposals. In first instance, only concept notes will be evaluated

* Initial duration of the project: 36 months

* Eligibility
– Be established in one of the partner countries;
– The type of eligible legal entities will differ for each partner countries: see annex 2 

– The consortium must be composed of at least three partners from at least three BlueBio partner countries. The consortium cannot be composed of more than ten partners;

– All proposals must involve both research organisations and industry;

– Each proposed projects will have to demonstrate an industry involvement;

– Project proposals with Technology Readiness Level up to 7 will be accepted provided the funding agencies in question can fund them. Projects should propose advancements in TRL levels during their lifetime

* Question may be sent to: j.kandziora@fz-juelich.de or k.kotzia@fz-juelich.de