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Sectors: Education - Training, Health, Innovation

Beneficiaries: Research centres, Universities

Regions: European Union

Category: Call for proposals

Additional info regions:

* Partner countries KIC Health: Belgium, Netherlands, France, Germany, Scandinavia, Spain, UK, Ireland Click here

* Consortium of over 140 partners from leading businesses, research centres and universities from across 15 EU countries. Click here for more information


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Responsible: European Commission


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KIC Health – EIT Campus – 2020
Funds for: strengthening Europe’s excellence in health innovation through education with the objective of providing pan-European best-in-class patient care and patient safety

Priorities and funded actions:

* To contribute to the Campus mission and objectives that follow the EIT Health Strategic Agenda, all proposals will be required to align with the following four key principles:
– Campus Activities Must Follow a Clearly Identified Education Market Need;
– Campus Activities Must Follow a Valid Education Business Model;
– Campus Activities Must consist of a Team with the Right Competences;
– Campus Activities Must Follow a Consistent Impact Matrix

* Priority 1: Training for Students
> Sub-priority 1: Call for Continuing Degree Programmes
– To develop and support pan-European Masters and PhD programmes delivering innovation and entrepreneurship skills in the strategic priority areas of EIT Health;
> Sub-priority 2: Call for Innovation Days Network
– To promote health innovation among university students through one-to-two-day programmes at academic institutions around Europe;
> Sub-priority 3: Call for Summer Schools
– Two-to-three-week programmes delivering the knowledge, skills and attitude for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in fields relevant to EIT Health

* Priority 2: Training for Entrepreneurs & Innovators
> Sub-priority 4: EIT Health Fellowships Network Call
– To identify a need, proposing a solution and presenting a validated business case for a solution;
– Intensive programmes, including clinical immersion, for transdisciplinary teams of experts developing entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial solutions

* Priority 3: Training for Professionals & Executives
– To increase the number of skilled health professionals and leading executives in healthcare, to improve the services they provide to patients and citizens, and to develop, manage and adopt health innovations in their everyday work

* Priority 4: Citizen and Patient Engagement
– To empower all citizens – including patients, their families, marginalised populations and other vulnerable groups, people at risk of specific conditions and informal care givers – to live healthier lives through a holistic citizen and patient pathway

Among financed actions
* Training
* Conferences throughout Europe

Additional information
* This call for proposals is open call for proposals

* Eligibility:
-Be a EIT Health partner

– Sub-priority 1 : Master & PhD students enrolled in university;
– Sub-priority 2 : Undergraduate, graduate and PhD students. Entrepreneurs, (industry) professionals, citizens and patients may participate to support students in the learning process;
– Sub-priority 3 : Summer Schools are designed primarily for Masters’, PhD and Post-Doctoral researchers, and MD students, from different disciplines. Entrepreneurs and professionals may also participate in Summer Schools;
– Sub-priority 4 : Graduate and PhD students, and professionals in ICT, business, life sciences, engineering, medicine and other relevant fields