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Sectors: Citizenship, Culture - Media

Regions: European Union

Category: Call for proposals


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Responsible: European commission


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This Call aims to increase reporting on European issues, from a pan-European viewpoint and/or by comparing different viewpoints from within Europe. To do so, it stimulates the production of innovative content through data-driven research and visualisations and the distribution of such content to as many EU citizens as possible.

Priorities and funded actions:

-Content production: provide information on EU affairs that is characterised by independent, professional and high-quality reporting. This Call aims to increase the production of content that adheres to these principles and that uses new technologies to maximise audiences. 
– Content distribution : To reach a maximum number of audiences, this Call aims for maximum republication of content in media outlets and social media across the EU.

– Focus on production of innovative news content around EU affairs and topics affecting multiple Member States. 
– Describe workflows, including editorial workflows for journalists to produce content on a regular basis, using sources from multiple countries. 
– Outline which formats will be used, such as for instance thematic and multimedia files, videos, audio, photos, illustrations, graphics, maps, data journalism perspectives, interactive contents and/or user-generated content.
– Content should be made available on a dedicated platform that is clearly open to other media and end-users. 
– Aim for maximum distribution and redistribution of their content by media across Europe, taking multilingualism into account.  
– Applicants are encouraged to work together with existing media companies. 

Among financed actions
– research activities
– data filtering and categorisation
– organisation of collaborative digital workspaces
– content production (may include articles, visuals, video and audio content)
– editorial supervision
– content adaptation
– building/maintaining a suitable technical web-platform for publication
– webinars and virtual meetings
– activities to enlarge uptake by other media and exchange good practices
– promotion and dissemination of results to media and/or end-users