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Sectors: Culture - Media, Education - Training, Innovation, New technologies

Beneficiaries: Administrations States, Corporations, Development NGOs, International Organisation, Local and Regional authorities, Non-profit organisations, Research centres, Schools, SMEs, Training centres, Universities

Regions: European Union

Category: Call for proposals


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WE funding – PPPA – Raise awareness…
Funds for: Raising awareness about disinformation through media literacy
Main beneficiaries: NGOs, Universities

Responsible: European commission


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Funds for: raising awareness about disinformation through media literacy
Main beneficiaries: NGOs, Universities

Priorities and funded actions:

* To build on the achievements of the previous pilot projects and to test the scalability and usefulness of the actions developed in their context

* To promote education in the Literacy media field by fostering the development of new educational materials and/or services built on concrete instances of disinformation;
* To design methods to raise awareness about the techniques commonly used by malicious actors to create, distribute and amplify disinformation via the internet;
* To take into account the various features of the different online platforms and social media services by presenting special cases and examples of manipulative techniques currently in use

Among financed actions
* Creation of multilingual on-line material and interactive tools to improve the capacities of citizens to acquire a critical understanding of the media;
* Awareness-raising of citizens to use the services of fact-checkers;
* Relevant innovative activities that can develop citizens’ ability to distinguish information from propaganda, to deconstruct media communication or any other capacity related to critical thinking towards the media;
* Awareness-raising and efficient dissemination of the material created by the project or other similar material/activities that can be adapted to the same purpose;
* Efficient dissemination of best practice;
* Social media campaigns aimed at helping citizens to interact with new media in a critically evaluative way

Additional information
* Duration of the project: 12 months

* Eligibility
– Be one of the following entities: non-profit organisation (private or public), public authorities, international organisations, universities, educational institutions, research centres, profit-making entities; 
– Be established in an EU Member State

– The consortium must be composed of at least 3 legal entities from at least 3 Member States; 

– Proposals should target citizens of all ages, with a particular focus on minorities, low-skilled people and those at risk of being socially marginalised

* Questions may be sent to: CNECT-MEDIALITERACY-PA@ec.europa.eu