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Sectors: Education - Training, Enlargement

Beneficiaries: Administrations States, Agencies Chambers

Regions: European Union

Category: Call for proposals


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Responsible: European Comission


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The global objective of this call for proposals is to support the development of human resources through modernizing the education and training system, with a special focus on the post-secondary education.

Priorities and funded actions:

– To support the reform process of post-secondary education by up-dating the strqategic documents and legislation in the field

– Reformed system for post-secondary education through analysis, review and up-date of the strategic documents and relevant legislation in the field
– Analysis of the post-secondary education system
– Revision and up-date of the existing concept and legislative framework for secondary education
– Procedures for the harmonization of the post-secondary education with the National Qualifications Framework
– Initial assessment of the educational needs within the post-secondary education according to the labour market demands
– Guidelines for the development of teaching curricula for secondary education in cooperation with the private sector and social partners
– Promotion of secondary education and awareness raising 

Among financed actions 
– Visits
– Round tables / conferences
– Reports
– Training
– Workshops