CEF: 11.9 billion euro to improve interconnexion in Europe

September 11, 2014

Hat: The European Commission has launched a call for proposals to the Member States so that they pannify how to improve european connexions.

Funding Scheme: 2014-09-11

Pgm2014 2020: Yes

Isfondstruct: Yes


A Fund of 11.9 billion euro is provided within the Framework of Connecting  Europe Facility. That is the biggest fun ever allocated to support European infrastructures by the EU. Member State must apply until the 26th of february and selected projects will be annoucend in summer 2015.


The funding will be concentrated along 9 major transport corridors which, taken together, will form a core transport network and act as the economic life-blood of the Single Market (see map attached). The funding will remove bottlenecks, revolutionise East West connections and streamline cross border transport operations for businesses and citizens throughout the EU.

EU financing for transport has tripled to €26 billion for the period 2014-2020 (compared to €8 billion for 2007-2013), under the new Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). This is the first tranche of the new funding for transport to be made available.

Taken together these innovations – the tripling of transport financing combined with the decision to tightly focus the funding along 9 major EU transport corridors – amounts to the most radical overhaul of EU transport infrastructure policy since its inception in the 1980s.
The new core network, to be established by 2030, will connect:
94 main European ports with rail and road links
38 key airports with rail connections into major cities
15,000 km of railway line upgraded to high speed
35 cross border projects to reduce bottlenecks

The funding will be attributed to the most competitive projects and focused on nine major transport corridors in Europe.

The projects will receive EU funds but must be co-financed by Member States. The results of the bidding, the allocation to projects will be announced in summer 2015.

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