Continuation of the Northern Ireland Task Force

January 15, 2016

Hat: Continuation of the Northern Ireland Task Force

Funding Scheme: 2016-01-15

Pgm2014 2020: Yes


The Commission announced the continuation of the Northern Ireland Task Force, in order to help the region participate more actively in the EU policy process and fully benefit from EU programmes and projects fostering growth and jobs.


Commissioner Creţu met today with Mrs Emma Pengelly and Ms Jennifer McCann, Junior Ministers in the Office of the First Minister and deputy First Minister of the Northern Ireland Executive, and with Ambassador Declan Kelleher, Permanent Representative of Ireland to the EU, on behalf of Mr Seán Sherlock, Minister of State for Development, Trade Promotion and North-South Co-operation of Ireland, to officially launch the new PEACE programme. This cross-border cooperation programme aims to deepen reconciliation in Northern Ireland and the Border region of Ireland and tackle remaining challenges through investments in shared education, shared spaces and services and projects that will bring people together.

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