CREATIVE EUROPE: information booth at the Forum de Chaillot

March 27, 2014

Hat: Creative Europe MEDIA and Culture will held an information stand at the Forum de Chaillot on 4 and 5 April in Paris

Pgm2014 2020: Yes


The teams of the 2 offices will be present to answer questions posed by professionals from the creation world concerning the new programme and its opportunities.

Organized by the Ministry of Culture and Communication, the Forum de Chaillot focuses on the challenges of the European culture.
5 roundtables will address the following topics:
– Culture, economic and social asset for Europe,
– The role of copyright in financing the creation in the digital era,
– Flowing, share, cooperate: Europe as a creative space,
– Europe, the new frontier of cultural democracy,
– Culture in the digital era: Emerging Issues of regulation.

The entrance to the Forum is free on mandatory registration at: