Discussions on interregional cooperation issues

December 10, 2013

Funding Scheme: 2013-11-10

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Financed by the ERDF, European Territorial Cooperation is one of the goals of cohesion policy and provides a framework for the implementation of joint actions and policy exchanges between national, regional and local actors from different Member States.


The meetings of the interregional cooperation programme INTERREG EUROPE Programming Committee for the period of the year 2014-2020 and INTERREG IVC Programme Monitoring Committee of the year 2007-2013 will take place in Vilnius on 9-11 December 2013.

The interregional cooperation programme INTERREG EUROPE 2014– 2020 is the continuation of the INTERREG IVC 2007–2013 programme. The interregional cooperation programme INTERREG IVC is one of the biggest cooperation programmes involving all (currently 28) European Union countries, Switzerland and Norway. This programme provides funding for interregional cooperation projects amongregions across Europe. Strategic regional development ideas seeking public and economis welfare are shared in the projects.

During the Programming Committee meeting in Vilnius it is expected to discuss many current issues of the new interregional cooperation programme INTERREG EUROPE and to make decisions on main programme document including composition of the new programme, supported priority areas and their funding mechanism as well as the role of the national authorities in programme implementation and other issues.

The INTERREG IVC Programme Monitoring Committee will discuss practical issues concerning the implementation of the existing programme: projects implementation, use of technical assistance budget, national financing to the current programme, etc.

Gediminas Cesonis (Head of Regional Policy Strategic Coordination Department, Regional policy department), representative of the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania, will chair the meetings.

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