Discussions on the EURES network

November 12, 2013

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A meeting is held in Vilnius on the European Employement Services (EURES). EURES is an information network composed of 700 advisers issued from local, regional or national employment services and with other regional and national bodies concerned with employment issues, such as trade unions, employers organisations, as well as local and regional authorities working on job mobility.


The Lithuanian Labour Exchange EURES service together with the European Commission organize an European Employment Services (EURES) Working Group Meeting on 11th – 13th November. This is one of the employment events that Lithuania holds during the Presidency of the Council of the EU. At this event the experts will discuss about the European Employment Services (EURES) policy at the European Union and Member States level. The delegates from the European Commission are going to present the organizational priorities, prospective programs and possible outcomes of the European Employment Services (EURES).

Vidas Šlekaitis, the Director of the Lithuanian Labour Exchange, noted that EURES (European Employment Services) is an important placement, recruitment and geographical mobility tool both at national and European level.

During the meeting implementation issues of EURES reform will be discussed. The participants will share their experiences of the European Employment Services (EURES) integration in the Europe 2020 strategy as well as in the European Social Fund Financial Framework 2014–2020. The representatives of the Member States will present the changes in the area of European Employment Services (EURES) in their respective countries and the representatives of the European Commission will present how to strengthen the efficiency of job search network in Europe.

European Employment Services (EURES) Working Group is an informal group, comprised of EURES managers of European Union, European Economic Area countries and Switzerland, and representatives of European Commission. EURES services managers of Member States meeting will take place before the meeting of the Working Group.

During the meeting the exchange of good practices and discussions about practical aspects of activity will be held. It is a regular meeting, held during each Presidency of the Council of the EU, together with the European Commission. Meetings aim to ensure a constant and systemic cooperation between European Commission and European Employment Services (EURES).

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