Welcomeurope.com Terms and Conditions

If you agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement, you should check the box indicating your agreement to the terms of this Agreement on the registration page for the Service. If you do not agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement, you should not check the box but you will not be able to proceed with the registration process for the respective Service and become a client.

Article 1. Definitions

Welcomeurope Company is providing the www.welcomeurope.com service.
Welcomeurope is the Name of the service providing access to European Funding information.

Subscription : Temporary access to full or partial content of the Online database.
Online database : database of European funds, funding alert, tender alert and online assistance service.
Funding Alert : Access to email alert service on call for proposals.
Tender Alert : Access to email alert service on European tenders.
Online assistance service : access to Question and Answer device on European funding programmes provided by welcomeuropes’ consultants to client.
Products: all documentation provided by welcomeurope on electronic format
Guides : All documention provided by welcomeurope on hard copy

Article 2. Access to products, guides and online database.

2.1 : Access to guide and product on demand :
Clients may order at unit price products and guides. Reception of products and guides will be sent on electronic format or hard copy upon prior full payment recovery.
2.2: Subscription to online database :
Subscriptions are based upon confirmation of registration of payment; it allows access to online materials detailed on ordering subscription page.

Article 3. Rates and Subscription content

3.1 : duration and renew
Subscriptions to online database are subject to full prior payment for a specific duration.
Welcomeurope reserves the right to revise its rates at any time, users acknowledge that any change to the rates takes effect as soon as it is posted on Welcomeurope.com.
Billings are issued on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.
Monthly and quarterly subscription will be automatically renewed at the end of each subscription term for equivalent initial subscription duration. The renewal payment is due on the Renewal Date and will automatically be charged to the same credit card that you used for the original subscription or the most recent renewal.
3.2: Cancellation
Client can cancel its subscription before it renews in order to avoid billing of subscription fees for the renewal term. Client may cancel subscription by calling Customer Service at (33) 0142546064 or by sending an email to accounting@welcomeurope.com

Article 4. Invoicing and payment terms

Price may include VAT (valued added taxes), depending on client’s location and existing Intra community VAT number.
Orders are payable online via SOGENACTIF (Bank Société Générale) or by check or bank transfer.
In the event of a dispute as to the amount of a particular invoice, the parties agree on the following procedure:
- the User shall notify his claim by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt within 15 days of receipt of the contested invoice, to:
Welcomeurope, Customer Service, 38 rue léon, 75018 Paris, France-
Any sum unpaid by the due date will fully entitle, without official notice, to penalty interest at the rate of 1.5% per month, running from the due date until full payment.
If the legal interest rate exceeds 1% per month, the penalty interest will automatically be raised to one and a half times the legal rate.
Any invoice recovered by litigation will, as non-reducible criminal clause under Article 1229 of the French Civil Code, be increased by a sum fixed at 15% of the total amount, inclusive of all tax, of the invoice in question. This indemnity will not exclude the penalty interest mentioned above, or all damages which Welcomeurope may claim, should these exceed said indemnity.
Moreover, the user will pay all legal costs relating to the suit.
The subscription issued during the year will start when the order is paid and/or at the validation of the subscription by Welcomeurope.

Article 5. Shipping and return policy :
5.1 : shipping policy
Cost of shipping guide is indicated to client prior to the order.
Most orders are shipped within 10 business days from the date the order was placed.
In other cases, some orders may require additional lead time for delivery, welcomeurope will indicate time delivery to client before final order..
5.2: Return and refund policy
Returns of guides are accepted within 14 days of the date that client received its order.
To obtain guides refund, or exchange client may mail back, original invoice and the guide(s) in their original, unopened, shrink-wrapped condition to:
Returns Department
38 rue léon
75018 Paris

Article 6. Use of Access Codes :

The Access Code is personal and confidential. It may only be changed upon written request sent by the User to Welcomeurope. The User undertakes to protect the components of its Access Code and not to disclose it in any form whatsoever.
In case of loss or theft of an Access Code, the User shall immediately inform Welcomeurope and confirm such loss or theft by registered notice with recorded delivery. Welcomeurope will cancel the Access Code, at the very latest on the day following receipt of the letter. The new Access Code will be sent to the User by post.
It is hereby specified that any Use of the Access Codes shall be under the entire responsibility of the User. The User shall be exclusively responsible for keeping confidential any Access Codes delivered to him or generated by him.

Article 7. Information Sources :

The information gathered in the online database, products and guides are a selection of European funds and European tenders intended to be distributed to legal entities or even individuals. Welcomeurope has selected all materials for their professional relevance. All information are not exhaustive and do in any case constitute a legal reference.

Article 8. Ownership of information

The files accessible via www.welcomeurope.com contain advertisements protected by copyright and intellectual property rights. The use of any advertisement selected by the User on www.welcomeurope.com via online database access as well as products and guides are restricted by specific rights with respect to the viewing, digital archiving, printing, reproduction and distribution by Email, or other rights attached to the file from which the information and/or the ad is extracted.
The rights of use pertaining to the files accessible via www.welcomeurope.com may be viewed on line.
The User undertakes to read, to comply with, and to cause all Users connecting to www.Welcomeurope.com through his account to read and to comply with, the terms of use of each file.
All rights granted to the User are done so exclusively for private use by the User's personnel, on its premises and for its own requirements, and any provision to third parties is excluded, even to a subsidiary company or a member of a legal or de facto group. They may not be sublicensed, transferred or assigned by the User to anyone and in any form whatsoever. The User undertakes to use the advertisements and/or contracts obtained via www.welcomeurope.com only in the normal course of business, and any redistribution, re-circulation or publication thereof shall be excluded. The User may not assign, duplicate or transfer said advertisements and/or contracts. The User acknowledges and accepts that www.welcomeurope.com and/or the database producers keep all rights, titles and interest under the copyright legally applicable to the advertisements and/or contracts obtained from www.welcomeurope.com, products and guides.

Article 9. Welcomeurope Warranty

Welcomeurope’s online database content, products and guides are not bound to any warranty concerning suitability for a User specific search.
Welcomeurope is not responsible if User application is not selected to one of the funds proposed. Welcomeurope also disclaims any warranty if the User misses a call for proposal or any misreading.
In no event may Welcomeurope’s liability be sought, on any basis whatsoever, for any indirect prejudice or damage suffered or incurred by the User on account of www.welcomeurope.com, including, without limitation, any loss of data, damage to the operability of any hardware or software, or loss of profit.

Welcomeurope also disclaims any warranty with respect to the telecommunication services used to connect to www.welcomeurope.com and to process data transmission, and with respect to any use of www.welcomeurope.com subsequent to the disclosure, loss or theft of an Access Code.
It is hereby specified that Welcomeurope.com is a private service offered by Welcomeurope, separate from the legal publication service of any European Institutions.. WelcomEurope cannot be held liable for the use or content of this information. Nor can Welcomeurope be held liable for failure to abide by the laws of the country to which the information is delivered.

Article 10. User's liability

Any User acknowledges that it is his exclusive responsibility to install, maintain and control the technical configuration required connecting to, and using www.welcomeurope.com.
The User acknowledges that he is exclusively responsible for the selection of files, of search criteria, of advertisements and/or contracts, their fitness for a particular purpose, and the use he makes of them, Welcomeurope being released from any liability in this respect.
In any case, the User acknowledges that he is exclusively responsible for any use of the Access Codes from his account, in particular in the event that www.Welcomeurope.com is accessed subsequently to the disclosure, loss or theft of an Administrator or User Access Code.

Article 11. Maintenance

Welcomeurope may briefly interrupt the service for maintenance purposes.
The User acknowledges and agrees that www.Welcomeurope.com may be interrupted briefly for maintenance operations as described above and waives any claim in this respect.

Article 12. Connection costs

Any User may connect to www.welcomeurope.com via an Internet link. Welcomeurope does not provide any hardware, telephone installation, terminal, consumable or other equipment, or software.
Whatever the type of connection, the costs relating to the connection and data transmission from the User's terminal to the www.Welcomeurope.com server shall be borne by the User, along with any sum, fee, subscription, tax or other charge which may be required by access providers to the telecommunication networks connecting the Users to www.Welcomeurope.com.

Article 13. Termination

The registration may be rightfully terminated by Welcomeurope in the event of failure, even partial, to pay by its due date any one invoice, or failure to comply with any one of these General Terms and Conditions of Use.
Termination of the service shall arise rightfully and require no formalities, in the event that an official notice sent by Welcomeurope to the User by way of a registered letter with recorded delivery has remained without effect for eight days, notwithstanding any actual deposit or offer made after the above period.
In the event of a termination subsequent to the failure by the User to comply with any one of its obligations under these General Terms and Conditions of Use, or for any reason whatsoever imputable to the User, all outstanding payments will remain entirely due to Welcomeurope as damages, without prejudice to any other right.

Article 14. "Force Majeure"

Welcomeurope shall be exempt from any obligation to make www.Welcomeurope.com available in Force Majeure circumstances. Force Majeure circumstances comprise any event normally unforeseeable, insurmountable and external, such as war, riot, fire, Act of God, strike or interruption of activity by other database producers, telecommunications services and/or employees of Welcomeurope.
Should Welcomeurope be delayed by more than 30 consecutive days in the performance of its obligation to provide the service required hereunder due to a Force Majeure event, the User may terminate his registration to the service upon registered notice with recorded delivery if the failure has not been remedied for more than 8 days as from receipt of said notice.

Article 15. Right of Access to Personal Files

Any User may require Welcomeurope to communicate his personal information and may have it corrected, if need be, as provided in the law 78-17 of January 6, 1978 relating to data processing, files and freedom of information. For this purpose, any User may
Contact Welcomeurope by post at Welcomeurope, Customer Service, 38, rue léon, 75018 Paris, France.

Article 16. Changes

Considering the evolving offer of the database producers, Welcomeurope reserves the right to change, without prior notice, the selection of databases offered, which is agreed to by the User.
The General Terms and Conditions of sales prevail over the printed General Terms and Conditions of Use.

Article 17. Miscellaneous

The Users undertake to notify to Welcomeurope by written notice any change concerning their situation, including change of address or new bank details.
Welcomeurope may, at any time, transfer or assign, in any way whatsoever, the www.Welcomeurope.com service, along with the User's registration there-to, on the sole condition, for Welcomeurope, of notifying the User of this transfer or assignment via an informative message displaying upon connection to www.Welcomeurope.com. The User acknowledges and accepts such transfer or assignment in advance.
The User authorises Welcomeurope to use their Name as a user of the www.Welcomeurope.com service, in the event that the User is a legal entity.

Article 18. Governing Law - Jurisdiction

French law governs these General Terms and Conditions of Use. Exclusive jurisdiction for any claim or dispute relating to the performance and/or construction of these General Terms and Conditions of Use resides in the Tribunal de Commerce (Commercial Court) of Paris.