€1 million EU funding for studies on liquified gas supply for ships

March 3, 2014

Funding Scheme: 2014-03-03

Pgm2014 2020: Yes


The EU will co-finance research programmes on liquified gaz bunkering for ships, with a view to developping an environmentally-friendly energy supply for ships in the Mediterranean.


The studies aim to overcome the existing barriers for developing a LNG bunkering supply chain in the region.

LNG is rapidly emerging as a more environmentally friendly fuel for the shipping sector and its uptake is encouraged by the European Union.

The studies will address the transition of both maritime fleets as well as port facilities, reducing the time-to-market of the LNG bunkering service in the Spanish Mediterranean ports. The technical, operative, economic and legal aspects of LNG bunkering vessel operations will be analysed and there will be an evaluation and design of an optimised LNG supply chain in key Spanish ports of the Mediterranean. The studies were selected for funding under the 2012 TEN-T Annual Programme’s priority on new technologies for transport infrastructure.

Url description: Press of the Commission

Url: http://inea.ec.europa.eu/en/news__events/newsroom/spanish_liquefied_natural_gas_for_ships_studies_receive_eu_support.htm