€100 million of EU funds for increased cooperation along the Italian and Swiss borders

December 17, 2015

Hat: €100 million of EU funds for increased cooperation along the Italian and Swiss borders

Funding Scheme: 2015-12-17

Pgm2014 2020: Yes


The European Commission adopted the 2014-2020 “interreg” programme for Italy and Switzerland, worth nearly €118 million, with over €100 million coming from the European Regional Development Fund.


The programme focuses on boosting the competitiveness of local economies in the border regions, improving the connectivity with investments in environment-friendly transportation systems and promoting social inclusion.

The programme will support the implementation of the EU Strategy for the Alpine Region (EUSALP), which will officially be launched in January 2016.

The programme focuses on five priorities:

– Economic competitiveness. The programme aims at improving the cross-border cooperation between companies
– Promotion of the natural and cultural heritage. The programme will promote an integrated use and development of natural and cultural resources, identifying a sustainable way to exploit the richness of the alpine space.
– Integrated and sustainable mobility. The programme aims at identifying new and more efficient transport solutions and multi-modal networks to improve the quality of the cross-border connectivity
– Social inclusion. Improved quality of healthcare, education and social services
– Strengthened cross-border governance.

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