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“6 keys” to understand the european reform wished by the French President

Emmanuel Macron introduced his “6 keys” yesterday afternoon at the Sorbonne University. Who among the European partners will be ready to support this plan? At the very moment Angela Merkel is expected to meet her first difficulties governing, will Emmanuel Macron find himself alone to promote his idea of a new Greater Europe?

Emmanuel Macron then unfolded in “six keys” his project of deep harmonisation and investment of Member States in the European project. Six keys for six global challenges to be resolved on a European scale in the face of rising European populism:

1st key, security: a reaffirmed Defense Europe with the creation of a European defense fund and a common budget dedicated to research and field operations notably to tackle terrorism.

2nd key, sovereignty and control of borders: the creation of a European Asylum Office to speed up and centralize procedures supported by a common funding dedicated to refugees integration.

3rd key, the increase of funds allocated to the development policy in Africa which would be financed by the generalisation at European level of financial transactions taxes.

4th key, ecological transition with several new proposals: carbon bottom price; contracts to support territories; a unified and interconnected European energy market; carbon tax at the European borders; establishment of an industrial program to support the production of clean vehicles; funding for agri-food research; financing of a European agricultural transition through the CAP.

5th key, digital transformation : with the creation of a European Agency for Disruptive Innovation and the taxation of digital major companies.

6th key, a strong economic control with the post-2020 harmonization of the corporate tax rates whose compliance would condition access to the cohesion fund for countries.


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