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Attack against Charlie Hebdo: We are all Charlie

Following the deadly attack that hit the writing of Charlie Hebdo January 7, 2015, Welcomeurope wishes to express its sincere condolences to the victims and their families and expresses its deep indignation at the cowardice and cruelty of the means employed, that no reason can ever justify.

In this dramatic moment, we reaffirm our unconditional commitment to the values of tolerance and freedom of expression, which remain indissoluble foundations of the Republic.

The whole team of Welcomeurope

Lorraine de Bouchony, Nicolas Gerschel, Valérie Buisine, Sophie Le Grand, Acktar Warishanally, Géraldine Nebout, Arnaud Cocchiello, Mélissa Moothoo, Claire Boulc’h, Mireille van der Graaf, Fatna EL Gabli, Abigaïl Faure, Gwenaëlle Radosevic, Nadjati Ahamada, Antoine Angot, Cathie Nguyen, Jean-Manuel Lagier, Camille Brailly, Hervé Nugues.


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