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Call for COVID-19 innovative response and recovery interregional partnerships between EU regions launched

publié le 29 July 2020

The Commission launched this call for expression of interests to help regions catch the opportunities emerging from the crisis, develop resilience and build on green and digital transformation for the recovery of the most affected sectors, such as health and tourism

The call will support interregional partnerships in four thematic areas.

First, the partnership for the development of the medical value chain is about working on medical products or devices to tackle the coronavirus at any level of the value chain, i.e. from conception to distribution. Second, the partnership on the safety and management of medical waste is linked to the topic of circular economy in the field of health.

The third partnership is about projects that encourage sustainable and digital tourism.

The fourth partnership focuses on developing hydrogen technologies in carbon-intensive regions, for instancethrough the conversion of existing coal mines, smelters or production facilities.

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