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H2020 – Greening the economy in line with the sustainable development goals (SDGS) – 2020
Funds for: moving to a greener, more resource efficient and climate-resilient economy in sync with the natural environment, demonstrating a strong commitment to supporting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Priorities and funded actions:

– CE-SC5-29-2020 – A common European framework to harmonise procedures for plastics pollution monitoring and assessments 
– SC5-36-2020 – ERA-NET-Cofund action on raw materials
– SC5-35-2020 – ERA-NET-Cofund action on enhancing urban transformation capacities
– SC5-34-2020 – ERA-NET-Cofund action on conservation and restoration of degraded ecosystems and their biodiversity, including a focus on aquatic systems
– SC5-33-2020 – Monitoring ecosystems through research, innovation and technology 
– SC5-26-2020 – Sustainable management in extractive industries
– CE-SC5-30-2020 – Plastics in the environment: understanding the sources, transport, distribution and impacts of plastics pollution
– CE-SC5-25-2020 – Understanding the transition to a circular economy and its implications on the environment, economy and society
– CE-SC5-24-2020 – Improving the sorting, separation and recycling of composite and multi-layer materials 
– SC5-10-2019-2020 – Raw materials innovation actions: exploration and Earth observation in support of sustainable mining
– SC5-32-2020 – Addressing wild pollinators decline and its effects on biodiversity and ecosystem services 
– CE-SC5-28-2020 – GrantDevelop and pilot circular systems in plastics, textiles and furniture sectors
– SC5-27-2020 – Strengthening international collaboration: enhanced natural treatment solutions for water security and ecological quality in cities

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Sectors: Energy, Environment, Innovation

Beneficiaries: Administrations States, Corporations, Federations Unions, International Organisation, Research centres, SMEs, Universities

Regions: Balkans, Candidate countries, Developing countries, European Economic Area, European Union, Mediterranean countries, New Independant States

Category: Call for proposals


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Responsible: European Commission


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