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Horizon 2020 – Food and Natural Resources – 2020
Funds for: sustainably managing and using natural resources from land and sea, ensuring food and nutrition security as well as providing safe, healthy and nutritious diets and accelerating the transition from a fossil-based linear economy to a low emission, lowcarbon circular economy and sustainable bio-based economy

Priorities and funded actions:

– FNR-01-2020: Strengthening the European agro-ecological research and innovation ecosystem
– FNR-02-2020: Developing long-term monitoring and evaluation frameworks for the Common Agricultural Policy
– FNR-03-2020: A comprehensive vision for urban agriculture
– FNR-04-2020: Towards a European research and innovation roadmap on soils and land management
– FNR-05-2020: Husbandry for quality and sustainability
A. (2020) Husbandry for sustainability (RIA)
B. (2020) Husbandry for quality (RIA)
– LC-FNR-06-2020: Defossilising agriculture – solutions and pathways for fossil-energy-free farming
A. [2020] Pathways for a fossil-energy-free agriculture (CSA)
B. [2020] Close-to-market solutions for fossil-energy-free farming (IA)
– CE-FNR-07-2020: FOOD 2030 – Empowering cities as agents of food system transformation
– FNR-08-2020: Supporting the food safety systems of the future
– CE-FNR-09-2020: Pilot action for the removal of marine plastics and litter
– FNR-10-2020: Public engagement for the Bioeconomy
– FNR-11-2020: Prospecting aquatic and terrestrial natural biological resources for biologically active compounds
A. Prospecting terrestrial natural biological resources for biologically active compounds
B. Prospecting aquatic natural biological resources for biologically active compounds
– FNR-12-2020: Industrial microbiomes – learning from nature
– LC-FNR-13-2020: Bio-based industries leading the way in turning carbon dioxide emissions into chemicals
– CE-FNR-14-2020: Innovative textiles – reinventing fashion
– CE-FNR-15-2020: A network of European bioeconomy clusters to advance bio-based solutions in the primary production sector
– FNR-16-2020: Enzymes for more environment-friendly consumer products
– CE-FNR-17-2020: Pilot circular bio-based cities – sustainable production of bio-based products from urban biowaste and wastewater
– FNR-18-2020: Sustainability of bio-based products – international governance aspects and market update

Sectors: Education - Training, Environment, Innovation, Research

Beneficiaries: Research centres

Regions: Candidate countries, European Economic Area, European Union, Switzerland

Category: Call for proposals


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Responsible: European Commission


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