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KIC Urban Mobility – EIT Business Creation Project – 2020
Funds for: transforming innovative mobility projects into the most successful business models through the creation of start-ups or the scaling up of existing businesses

Priorities and funded actions:

* For Accelerator
– To offer acceleration to startups in all five regions by July 2021, using a staged approach;
* For ScaleUp Club
– To operate as “alumni club” for accelerated companies;
– To provide a second entry gate for mature startups;
* For Go Global
– To provide trips for urban mobility startups to connect and expand internationally and welcome international startups

* For Accelerator
– To raise awareness of startups on the EIT Urban Mobility acceleration offer;
– To generate relevant deal flow for acceleration activities;
* For Scale-up and Go Global 
– To enable global outreach and business opportunities

Among financed actions

* For the Accelerator programme
– Support for start-ups working on innovative mobility solutions;
– Business coaching, training and mentoring;
– Access to living labs and cities for the creation of new products and services;
– Technology and market validation, product-market fit, access to customers;
– Access to financial investors and funds;
– Co-working spaces;
– Use of local ecosystems/infrastructure/accelerators to drive growth and internationalisation
* For the Scale-up Club:
– Access to end-users of innovation;
– International pilot customer;
– Landing pad for internationalisation;
– Support in dealing with regulation and country-specific administration
* For GoGlobal:
– Organisation of travel opportunities for urban mobility start-ups and scale-ups looking to internationalise;
– Welcoming start-ups and scale-ups targeting Europe;
– Facilitation of attendance at third-party events such as a Smart City Congress

Additional information
* This call for proposals is an open call for proposals

* Eligibility:
> For Accelerator programme
– Be EIT Urban Mobility partners of Innovation Hubs North and West
> For Scale-up Club and GoGlobal
– Be EIT Urban Mobility Partners


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Sectors: Economy - Finances, Innovation, New technologies, SME Policy

Beneficiaries: Corporations, SMEs

Regions: European Union

Category: Call for proposals


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Responsible: European Commission


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