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Children’s rights: the EU’s role

On the occasion of World Children’s Day, held on November 20 in many countries, it is worth noting the leading role of EU funding programmes and policies in this field.

A component both specific and essential of human rights, children’s rights are present in several EU programmes. In the field of the fight against poverty, the FEAD programme, which has a budget of 3.5 billion euros for the 2014-2020 programming period  includes homeless children and / or suffering from deprivation among its populations targeted and includes measures of food aid and rehabilitation.

The “Rights, equality and citizenship” programme (54 millions euro for 2014-2020) includes measures to prevent violence against children and promote children’s rights.

As part of the ‘Human rights education youth programme “of the Council of Europe, initiatives have been developed summers to educate young people and children on the thema of human rights.

Within the European Commission, DG Justice has a coordinating role on issues relating to children to ensure that children’s rights are taken into account in all policies and actions  of the European Union according to the Lisbon Treaty which makes them a specific goal.

The Union has also set up since 2011 an agenda for children’s rights with a total of 11 priorities that includes a European internet portal for children.

Among other devices, DG Development and Cooperation includes an interactive public group bringing together actors working on the theme of childhood. In 2013, DG Justice has published a summary document on EU action in this area.

Finally, the importance given to children rights is also reflected in the Commission’s stance, as the latter reaffirmed on November 20 his desire to play a fundamental role in children protection both inside and outside its borders.


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