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Commission Launches Online Citizens’ Consultation : 12 Questions for the Future of Europe

On Europe Day, the European Commission is launching an online public consultation addressed to all Europeans, asking them what direction they want the European Union to take in the future.

This unique consultation, part of the broader Future of Europe debate launched with the Commission’s White Paper on 1 March 2017, was prepared by a panel of 96 citizens from 27 Member States, who came together to decide what questions to put to their fellow Europeans. 

People can already submit their views online – today’s consultation will further complement this. The online consultation will also run in parallel to the ongoing Citizens’ Dialogues being organised by the European Commission and by Member States. Almost 700 of these interactive public debates have been held in 160 cities since 2012, and the Commission will increase their frequency between now and the European elections in May 2019, with a target of organising 500 more events.


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