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Covid-19 and Data protection: tracking coronavirus, not you

Members of Parliament’s civil liberties committee support EU efforts to ensure the introduction of such apps does not breach fundamental European rights such as data protection and privacy.

Parliament is looking at the potential use of apps that might warn you to keep your distance from others or tell you if you’ve been in contact with someone who has the virus; and their compliance with existing EU data protection and privacy rules. 

The European Commission has published guidelines on Covid-19 tracking apps. They would need to meet certain tests when it comes to personal data. Their use should be voluntary, approved by a national health authority, data should be encrypted and therefore anonymous and the use of such an app should end as soon as it is no longer needed. 

The European Parliament is a long-standing defender of personal data. It welcomes the Commission’s guidelines and will continue to protect the fundamental rights and liberties of Europeans, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.


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