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European programme for the promotion of EU farm products

For the past 16 years, the European Commision has co-financed EU farm products promotion and information programmes. In 2015, a new policy was implemented in order to broaden its scope and simplify the procedures for applicants.

European Union farm products are unique in their quality and diversity. In an open global market, merely producing excellent food and drink is not enough. By explaining to consumers the standards and the quality of what EU agriculture puts on the table, EU promotional programmes can help European producers in an increasingly competitive world

Promotion of EU farm products: How does it work?

The priority areas and criteria for funding actions under the promotion policy are set out each year in a work programme. On this basis, call for proposals are published, detailing the different types of funding schemes available (simple programmes and multi programmes) and the procedures to follow. Call for tenders may also be published all year round. Proposals are evaluated by the Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency (CHAFEA), assisted by external experts. External experts are selected through calls for expression of interest. Each year, the proposals to be co-funded are announced in awarding decisions.

Since 2015, the Regulation (EU) n° 1144/2014 for the promotion policy provides:

A significant increase in the aid allocated to information and promotion initiatives on internal market and in third countries reaching EUR 200 million in 2019.

– The establishment of an EU promotion strategy, to better target promotion measures and increase the number of programmes aiming in particular at third countries.

Widening the scope of measures: 1) these measures will be able to cover a larger selection of agricultural products as well as food products (e.g. chocolate) with more flexibility to mention brands and origin of products. 2) Extending eligible beneficiaries to include producer organisations and EU-level organisations

The end of national co-financing which has led to distortions of competitions due to diverging financing rates, now compensated by significantly higher EU co-financing rates in comparison to the current regime

Simplifying administrative procedures, with selection henceforth taking place in one phase at the Commission and elimination of the pre-selection phase at the level of member states

Facilitating management of multi programmes via a one-stop shop at the Commission (executive agency) to facilitate the implementation and expand such programs offering high European added value.

Annual work programmes

A key element of the new promotion policy is the establishment of an annual work programme, which sets out the strategic priorities for promotion measures in terms of products, schemes and markets to be targeted, and the corresponding allocated budgets. The objective is to have a dynamic and pro-active policy, adapted each year to emerging market opportunities and the needs of the sector.

The annual work programme for 2016 was adopted on 13 October 2015. It gives priority to promotion activities in a selected list of third countries where there is the highest potential for growth, and to the dairy and pig meat sectors to react to their difficult market situation. A total of € 111 million will be available for promotion programmes selected for EU co-financing in 2016.

Previous co-financed campaigns

For the past 16 years, the European Commission has co-financed promotion and information campaigns, click here to see previous campaigns.


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