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“Farm Carbon Forest” Initiative: a new European fund for 2021-2027 period?

Commissioner Hogan called on Member States to look into the possibility of a ‘Farm Carbon Forest Initiative’ at the last AGRIFISH Council meeting on 14th May 2019. This initiative would reward farmers who successfully reduce, save, store or sequester carbon, contributing to national and EU-wide climate objectives.

Under the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) post-2020 proposals, this initiative would contribute to the ‘Climate Action’ objective and would be set at national level through Member States’ CAP strategic plans.

In effect, the “Farm Carbon Forest Initiative” would reward farmers for the public good they provide, in full coherence with the proposals for a new performance and results-based CAP. While the new CAP framework will provide the opportunity for such an initiative, the political will to implement these initiatives must come from the Member States. Commissioner Hogan therefore encouraged Member States to assess the possibility of including such an initiative in their CAP Strategic Plans.

The nine EU common objectives are a win-win opportunity. If implemented correctly, there will be a climate dividend as well as a business dividend. With more and more consumers in Europe and throughout the world demanding climate-friendly and sustainable high-quality food and drink products, it is clear that this will be the future of the market for EU agriculture.


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