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Give your opinion on energy and climatic change by 2020

Since 2007, the creed of the European Union for energy remained the same:  cutting greenhouse gas emissions, reducing energy use and boosting renewable energy!

During the European Council of 12th, December 2008, the famous action plan for energy matter was adopted; it set three key objectives for 2020:
–       A 20% reduction in EU greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 levels
–       Raising the share of EU energy consumption produced from renewable resources to 20%
–       A 20% improvement in the EU’s energy efficiency

At the dawn of the new programming, there is a need to taking stock of the achievements and the improvements that need to be done on the matter.

Since 2001, when the European Commission chooses to work on a new legislative initiative, it can also choose to set in parallel, what is called a “public” consultation: private individuals, companies and organizations having an interest or know-how in a given field can take part in the building of the Commission’s proposal, while answering precise questions.

Thus, facing the increasing need for action, the Commission is launching a public consultation process through an online consultation, which runs until 2 July 2013, in order to lead the future Eu policies on energy and climatic changes. It will therefore be about giving your opinion on:
– What type (and level) of climate and energy targets should be set for 2030
– How to achieve a fair plan which takes into account each EU country’s specific energy needs and resources
– How the EU’s energy strategy can improve the competitiveness of its economy

The purpose of the collected answers will be used to improve the current strategy, while holding account of the evolution of the European energy bouquet, the economic situation and new technologies!

In parallel, in order to complete this initiative,  the European Commission launched a second consultation on “The future of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) in Europe”, with the aim of initiating a debate on the options available to  to reduce the CO2 emissions coming from the production of electricity containing fossil fuels and from the intensive industrial CO2 sectors.

Opened until July 2, 2013, all citizens and EU organizations will be able to deliver their opinion on the means of the reduction the gas emissions for purpose of greenhouse and the development of fossil fuels.

Beyond, should not be forgotten the European programs! Indeed, currently:

The call for proposal LIFE+ 2013 is open until June 25, 2013
With a total budget of 278.000.000 of Euros, it will cover for 2013 three essential topics: that of the biodiversity and nature conservancy that of the policy and the governorship as regards environment (water, forests, grounds…) and that of the diffusion of information on the environmental questions.

Second call for proposal NER 300 is also open until July 3, 2013
NER300 is the world’s largest programme to support demonstration projects for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) and innovative technologies to tap renewable energy sources (RES). This second call for proposals under the NER300 largest funding programme aims to encourage private sector investors and EU Member States to invest in commercial demonstration projects of environmentally safe capture and geological storage of CO2 and innovative renewable energy technologies.

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