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New steps for the 2014-2020 budget

The first trilogue meeting of the European Parliament, Council, the European Commission, held on May, 13th 2013, ended with a double agreement: on the scope and on calendar of the negotiations for the 2014-2020’s budget.

A giant step for the European Union after the endless hesitations of the member states and the need to deal with the amending budget problem for 2013, that was supposed to cover the 2012 unpaid funds.

Another meeting in May, 6th 2013, between the Commission President – José Manuel Barroso- the European Parliament President -Martin Schulz- and the Irish Presidency of the Council – Taoiseach Enda Kenny – paved the way of the negotiations on the future EU budget, however, nothing was set before an agreement on the 2013 budget was found.

It is now done !

On may 14th, the Council reached a political agreement on the draft amending budget: the Commission and the Council added, as a first step, 7.3 billion Euros.
According to some, it could even be possible that, concerning the multiannual Financial Framework, a final agreement be found before the end of June!

The next trilogue’s meeting is scheduled for May 28th: negotiations will focus mainly on the flexibility of the future budget, its revision clause, and the future of the EU budget’s own resources and the unity of the EU budget. If in Bruxelles “nothing is agreed until everything is agreed”, these agreements give hope to the 500 million Europeans, 20 million small and medium-sized companies, and 100.000 cities and regions that today benefit from the European funds.

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