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Why this training?

  • mastering the obligations of European project leaders towards the European Commission and its partners
  • mastering the management and monitoring practices of grants obtained through a European funding programme
  • implementing and monotoring an evaluation plan and a communication plan
  • organising the archiving of supporting documents and the relationship with its partners
  • preparing for the submission of financial and administrative reports

Who is this training for?

This training is only available in a tailor-made format.
It is dedicated to private, public or non-profit organisations wishing to develop projects in a European country outside of France.

If you have projects to support employment, education, training, or social and professional integration, contact us, we will put in place a training programme that is entirely customised and adapted to your needs.
Thanks to our experienced methodology, you will be provided with the necessary tools to build and manage your projects in accordance with the priorities of the ESF+.

Master the techniques for designing and writing your grant application and budget and respect the requirements for obtaining an ESF+ grant.