What is this methodology sheet for?

Before starting to draft the proposal on the application form it is essential to work an estimate of the investment, as this is required in the draft.

To do this it may be useful to dissect the application file, make a list of the elements and documents that need to be produced, and draw up a schedule of the drafting phase of the application. This phase may last 3 to 4 months (or even 5 months in the case of research projects) and may be a help in finding partners, by gathering them, involving them in the definition of common objectives and in a shared viewpoint right from the start.



Lorraine De Bouchony – CEO: Lorraine de Bouchony is co-founder of Welcomeurope. She coordinates strategic consulting missions for large private groups and contributes to numerous networks on public policies in Europe.

Valérie Buisine – Deputy Managing Director: after launching the Training Department in 2002, Valérie Buisine now heads the Consulting Department of Welcomeurope.

Vanessa Gehin – Consultant: formerly Head of Community co-financing at the Overseas Mobility Agency, Vanessa Gehin joined Welcomeurope as Senior Consultant.

Jeanne Collin – Consultant: former European Project Manager at the Centre National de Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), Jeanne Collin joined Welcomeurope as Senior Consultant.