Speaker: Sandra Ungemach-Benedite, Head of Innovation

Free: Yes

Date: 15/01/2020

Hour start: 14:00

Hour end: 15:30

Calls for proposals are available in 2020 !
This webinar will present the main levers to activate these opportunities in the coming months:

  • How to organise and mobilise your team, anticipate and define the main issues of a consortium agreement, manage efficiently the drafting process to produce a best-quality application form?
    The webinar will start by a presentation on how to detect and select the last H2020 calls for projects that can fit your organisation’s development strategy.
  • “Collaborative project”
    How to build a winning consortium to develop a R&D or innovation project under H2020, around a pre-defined topic determined by the programme?
  • Opportunities for SMEs
    SMEs are a priority target under the whole H2020 programme.
  • Academy-oriented projects
    Research organisations are specifically targeted to develop new research ideas (ERC grants) and improve the skills of their teams, both at individual and collaborative levels (MSCA).

To see the replay, click here.

Sectors: Energy, Environment, Health, Industry, Innovation, Research, SME Policy, Telecommunications, Transport.


Beneficiaries: All beneficiaries.