CERV – 2. Equality, rights and gender equality – 2021-2027

"Equality, rights and gender equality" is the second strand of the 2021-2027 Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values programme
Budget for 2021-2027: 353.97 million euro
CERV – Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values programme – 2021-2027 CERV – 1. Protect and promote Union values – 2021-2027 CERV – 3. Citizens’ engagement and participation – 2021-2027 CERV – 4. Daphne – 2021-2027

Grants for promoting rights, non-discrimination, equality, including gender equality, and advance gender and non-discrimination mainstreaming.

Priorities and funded actions

This strand aims to support a comprehensive and intersectional approach and specific actions to promote equality, tackle discrimination and improve responses to racism and xenophobia in the form of hate speech and hate crime, both on- and offline. It also aims to address the vulnerabilities of specific groups and communities particularly affected by discrimination, such as Roma, Jews, Muslims, migrants, people of colour and people of African descent. It will support the implementation of the EU anti-racism action plan for 2020-2025, the LGBTIQ Equality Strategy 2020-2025, the EU Roma strategic framework on equality, inclusion and participation, and the forthcoming EU Strategy on combating antisemitism.




Among financed actions




Directorate-General for Justice and Consumers > Civil and commercial justice (JUST.A)

European Commission

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