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The Commission proposes to support 15 Member States through the SURE instrument.

publié le 24 August 2020

The European Commission’s proposal to the Council aims to provide financial support of 81.4 billion euros in the form of loans to 15 member states under the SURE instrument.
SURE, the temporary instrument to support the EU economy in order to prevent the increase of  unemployment resulting from the crisis, is a crucial component of the EU’s overall strategy to deal with Covid-19.

A loan proposal for Hungary and Portugal is still under evaluation.

The commission’s proposal currently covers 15 countries:
– Belgium: 7.8 billion euros;
– Bulgaria: 511 million euros;
– Czech Republic: 2 billion euros;
– Greece: 2.7 billion euros;
– Spain: 21.3 billion euros;
– Croatia: 1 billion euros ;
– Italy: 27.4 billion euros;
– Cyprus: 479 million euro;
– Latvia: 192 million euros;
– Lithuania: 602 million euros;
– Malta: 244 million euros;
– Poland: 11.2 billion euros;
– Romania: 4 billion euros;
– Slovakia: 631 million euros;
– Slovenia: 1.1 million euros


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