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DCI – Local Authorities: Partnerships for sustainable cities – 2020

Instrument to finance EU's development cooperation activities

111.5 million euro

Appeal framework

Institution European Commission
Regions European Union, Developing countries

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Priorities and funded actions

* Supporting Local Authorities from partner countries to address sustainable urban development through capacity building and service-delivery;
* Supporting the building of new partnerships or contribute to upscale long-lasting partnerships and cooperation relations;
* Atrengthening urban governance;
* Ensuring social inclusiveness of cities;
* Improving resilience and greening of cities;
* Improving prosperity and innovation in cities;
* Strengthening institutional resilience in context of fragility

* For lots 1 à 5:
– Addressing the specific objective 1. urban governance and at least one of the other specific objectives: (2) social inclusiveness, (3) greening of cities, (4) prosperity and innovation

* For lot 6:
– Addressing the specific objective 1. urban governance and the specific objective (5) strengthening institutional resilience in context of fragility

* Clearly demonstrating the contribution to the achievement of SDG 11 “Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable”;
* Integrating in the activities the promotion of peer-to-peer learning and/or exchanges and/or short-term deployment of public officials at subnational level towards- twinning activities;
* Promoting multi-stakeholders and multi-sectors approaches;
* Promoting the EU development cooperation Rights-Based Approach, encompassing all human rights, including participation and access to the decision-making process, non-discrimination (including Gender Equality) and equal access, accountability and access to the rule of law and transparency and access to information; 
* Triangular cooperation;
* Smart cities;
* Job creation

Among financed actions:
* For lots 1 to 5:
– Capacity building of public officials responsible for urban matters at sub national level;
– Supporting LAs to translate National Urban Policies into integrated urban planning, spatial planning and land use management;
– Trainings towards city/local administration representatives in urban governance methods and principles;
– Improving and mainstreaming the integration of marginalised and vulnerable groups;
– Pilot projects on basic services and network infrastructures, i.e. water, sanitation, waste (including recycling), energy (including efficiency) and public transport;
– Improving environmental quality in cities and circular economy including climate change mitigation and adaptation and measures;
– Pilot projects to support the design and implementation of new environmental and climate resilient local public policies;
– Awareness raising on alternative modes of transport improving sustainable and low carbon urban mobility;
– Trainings and grants to stimulate an enabling environment for the private sector, in particular local firms promoting inclusive and social enterprises;
– Pilot projects focussing on innovation to create employment and promote socially responsible entrepreneurship

* For lot 6:
– Elaborating /arrangements for consultation and cooperation with different stakeholders 
– Exchange of experience with other local authorities in situation of fragility

Additional information
* This call for proposals is a restricted call for proposals. In the first instance, only concept notes will be evaluated

* Initial duration of the action: between 24 and 48 months

* Eligibility: 
– Be a legal person;
– Be non-profit-making;
– Be established in either: 
> EU Member States
> Developing countries and territories which are not members of the G-20 group
> Developing countries which are members of the G-20 group, only when the country itself is the beneficiary of the action
> Overseas Countries and Territories 

– For all lots: Be a partnership including at least one co-applicant (at least 2 co-applicants in the case of triangular cooperation)
– For lots 1 to 5, include an entity established in a EU Member State as well as an entity established in the beneficiary country where the action will take place 

– For lots 1 to 4:
> Be a Local Authority

– For lot 5
> Be either:
~ A Local Authority (LA) with a population limited to maximum 150.000 inhabitants for European local authorities and to 300.000 inhabitants for Partner countries;
~ A national Association of Local Authorities (ALA) from the partner country benefiting from the action;
~ A national Association of Local Authorities (ALA) from a EU Member State;
~ A regional Association of Local Authorities (ALA);
~ An International Association of Local Authorities

– For lot 6: 
> Be either:
~ A Local Authority (LA); 
~ A national Association of Local Authorities (ALA) from the partner country benefiting from the action;
~ A national Association of Local Authorities (ALA) from a EU Member State;
~ A regional Association of Local Authorities (ALA);
~ An International Association of Local Authorities 

* Actions must take place in one of the eligible partner countries and territories


* Indicative budget per lot:
– Lot 1-Partnerships for sustainable cities in Sub-Saharan Africa: 40 million euro
– Lot 2-Partnerships for sustainable cities in Asia and the Pacific: 20 million euro
– Lot 3-Partnerships for sustainable cities in Latin America and the Caribbean: 20 million euro
– Lot 4-Partnerships for sustainable cities in the Southern and Eastern Neighbourhood: 18 million euro
– Lot 5-Partnerships for sustainable towns: 8 million euro
– Lot 6-Partnerships for sustainable cities in fragile countries: 5,5 million euro

* Amount of the grant:
– For lots 1 to 4: between 2 and 5 million euro
– For lots 5 and 6: between 500,000 euro and 1 million euro

* Co-financing rate:
– Between 50 and 95% of the total eligible costs
– For lot 6 only: the requested EU contribution may cover the entire eligible costs of the action if this is deemed essential to carry it out

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