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Digital Europe – An ecosystem for digital twins in healthcare – 2021

The Digital Europe 2021-2027 programme aims to support and accelerate the digital transformation of the European economy, industry and society, to bring its benefits to citizens, public administrations and businesses across the Union, and to improve the competitiveness of Europe in the global digital economy while contributing to bridging the digital divide across the Union and reinforcing the Union’s strategic autonomy, through holistic, cross-sectoral and cross-border support and a stronger Union contribution.

5 million euro

Appeal framework

Institution European Commission
Beneficiaries All beneficiaries
Regions Balkans, Candidate countries, European Economic Area, European Union, Mediterranean countries

Countries eligible for the grant:

  • Countries associated to the Digital Europe Programme;
  • Countries which are in ongoing negotiations for an association agreement and where the agreement enters into force before grant signature are eligible for the grant.

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Priorities and funded actions


  • To foster personalised medicine starting from targeted prevention;
  • To faster diagnosis and prognostic assesment to tailored treatment and development of biomedical products while also empowering patients and bringing prevention approaches.


  • Priority 1: Framing and fostering an inclusive ecosystem of DTH in Europe, by mapping and linking the relevant actors and initiatives on the DTH. Technical and nontechnical barriers in the uptake of DTH should be identified and addressed to converge towards a functional ecosystem that brings in all relevant stakeholders and ensures that digital twins adequately represent the end-user needs, and fosters their clinical validation;
  • Priority 2: Designing a roadmap for the uptake of DTH and their further integration towards the Human Digital Twin, i.e. a validated, integrated multi-scale discipline digital twin of the whole body enabling the comprehensive characterisation of the physiological and the pathological state in its full complexity and heterogeneity. Besides tangible milestones and deliverables, the roadmap will identify the necessary building blocks up to the clinical deployment of personalised digital companions, and formulate clear short- and mid-term policy recommendations. It will also address aspects of interoperability, computability, integration of health information from various sources to depict an up-to-date digital twin of the individual;
  • Priority 3: Coordinating the deployment of a federated repository of DTH;
  • Priority 4: Developing the technical specifications for a simulation platform that will allow developers, engineers and practitioners to design, develop, test and validate digital twin approaches in healthcare, linked also to high performance computing (HPC) infrastructure and capacities to execute high demanding computational tasks.

Among financed actions

  • Putting in place a consolidated EU ecosystem around digital twins for healthcare that brings together, streamlines and bundles their use across stakeholders in a coordinated manner, thereby empowering patients and enabling health professionals, academia, industry, and regulatory agencies to make use of DTH;
  • Designing roadmap for accelerating the uptake of DTH-based solutions and their further integration towards the Human Digital Twin, identifying stakeholder needs and implementation barriers, depicting the vision for the Human Digital Twin and its application areas.

Additional information

  • This call for proposals is an open call for proposals.
  • Initial duration of the action: 24 months.


  • Be a legal entity;
  • Be established in one of the eligible countries;
  • Be part of a consortium of at least three applicants from three different eligible countries.
  • Total amount of the call: 9 million euro
  • Total amount for this topic: 5 millions euro
  • Indicative budget per project: up to 5 millions euro
  • Co-financing rate: up to 100% of total eligible costs

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