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Digital Europe – European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO) – national and multinational hubs – 2021

The Digital Europe 2021-2027 programme aims to support and accelerate the digital transformation of the European economy, industry and society, to bring its benefits to citizens, public administrations and businesses across the Union, and to improve the competitiveness of Europe in the global digital economy while contributing to bridging the digital divide across the Union and reinforcing the Union’s strategic autonomy, through holistic, cross-sectoral and cross-border support and a stronger Union contribution.

11 million euro

Appeal framework

Institution European Commission
Beneficiaries Media & cultural organisation
Regions Balkans, Candidate countries, European Economic Area, European Union, Mediterranean countries

Countries associated to the Digital Europe Programme or countries which are in ongoing negotiations for an association agreement and where the agreement enters into force before grant signature are equally eligible for the grant.

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Priorities and funded actions


  • To provide specific knowledge of local information environments;
  • To strengthen the detection and analysis of disinformation campaigns;
  • To improve public awareness;
  • To design effective responses relevant for national audiences.


  • Priority 1: Putting in place a network of existing and newly established research hubs accross the EU;
  • Priority 2: Creating a European multidisciplinary community, with networks of experts and organisations linked to the hubs, which will actively detect, analyse and expose disinformation campaigns in Europe;
  • Priority 3: Each hub will have produced at least 10 investigations and reports on disinformation campaigns and shared them through EDMO;
  • Priority 4: Hubs will have established at least 5 tailor-made media literacy programs in Member States and supported national authorities in producing reports (at least 1 per year) regarding the implementation and effectiveness of online platforms policies to tackle disinformation.

Among financed actions

  • Increase the number of independent national or multinational hubs on digital media;
  • Detection, analysis and disclosure of harmful disinformation campaigns at regional, national, multinational and EU level, and analysis of their impact on society and democracy;
  • Media literacy, exchange of good practices and materials stored on the EDMO platform and contribute to the EDMO repositories with newly created educational and training materials;
  • Cooperation with national authorities for the monitoring of online platforms’ policies and digital media ecosystem in the territory or linguistic area covered by the proposal.

Additional information

  • This call for proposals is an open call for proposals.
  • Initial duration of the action: 30 months.


  • Be legal entities (public or private);
  • Be established in one of the eligible countries;
  • The consortium includes at least one independent fact-checking organisation or a fact-checking unit from an independent media organisation. The consortium must have fact-checking services covering all geographical area to be covered by the hub (i.e. in every Member State to be covered by the hub).
  • Total amount of the call: 37 million euro
  • Total amount for this topic: 11 million euro
  • Indicative budget per project: 1.5 million euro
  • Co-financing rate: up to 75% of the total eligible costs for SMEs and up to 50% for all the other beneficiaries

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