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EIT – Cross-KIC Sustainable Cities – 2020

The KICs represent the operational part of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), which aims to bring research, innovation and education closer


Appeal framework

Institution European Commission
Sectors Transport Health
Regions European Union

EU Member States

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Priorities and funded actions

* Improve the regional food logistics and distribution system / develop solution(s) for local food distribution to operate in a more environmentally sustainable manner and as cost-efficient as the high-volume logistic chains of big retailers;
* Identify an environmentally friendly solution to lower the costs in the last part of the supply chain (including bundling supplies);
* Identify logistics solution(s) for direct supply (from local farmers directly to buyers);
* Identify solution(s) to Increase the flexibility of the local food supply, both in terms of unexpected peak demands (as recently experienced during the COVID-19 health crisis) and surpluses

* Partners of EIT Urban Mobility and Climate-KIC are invited to submit proposals focusing on the optimization of food delivery from Flevoland polders to Amsterdam. The aim is to ensure more sustainable, efficient, greener, reduced-cost transport system; capable of creating an economic case for local farmers

Amongst financed actions
* System mapping of the current food supply chain (from Flevoland polders to Amsterdam); assess assumptions (low volumes, high logistics-costs, transport lack of efficiency resulting in relatively higher prices for local products), actors, sectors involved, as well as barriers, bottlenecks, missing actors;
* Identification of innovative sustainable alternatives to the existing regional transport system; including new distribution centers, innovative solutions for last mile delivery, innovative combination of different modes of transport, among other;
* Design of three innovative experiments tackling the described issue of the current transport system. Experiments should consider the following features, among other: environmental impact/low carbon emissions, delivery time, cost of transport, costs of handling, resulting product cost savings, social engagement/acceptance/involvement;
* Test of at least one of the three proposed innovative experiments at the selection of the KICs working in collaboration with problem owners. The three designed experiments should bring the necessary data and information as to compare and enable selection;
* Based on the results of the tested experiment(s), design of a new innovative food distribution service/product ready to be used by local farmers, including the development and refinement of ‘Business Plan’, with explicit milestones for operational and financial sustainability, funding diversification, and early-stage and commercial-scale market activities

Additional information
* This call for proposals is an open call for proposals

* Initial duration of the action: all activities supported in this call must be fully completed by 31 December 2020

* Eligibility:  
– Partners of participating KICs (EIT Urban Mobility and EIT Climate KIC) are eligible to apply;
– There is a strong preference for consortia applications


* Grant amount: up to 180,000 euros

* Co-financing rate: up to 75% of the total eligible costs  

* Partners may seek EIT reimbursement of up to 100% within a consortium providing the maximum EIT Reimbursement Rate for the programme is not exceeded by the project overall

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