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European Defence Fund – Precision strikes capabilities – 2021

The European Defence Fund aims at fostering the competitiveness, efficiency and innovation capacity of the defence technological and industrial base throughout the European Union.

10 million euro

Appeal framework

Institution European Commission
Regions European Economic Area, European Union

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Priorities and funded actions


  • To generate knowledge by compiling background information;
  • To integrate knowledge on initial warhead designs;
  • To study warhead optimization and munition applications;
  • To design weapon system integration and validation.


  • Priority 1: Research on technology of explosive;
  • Priority 2: Research on technology of liners of shaped charges and explosively formed projectiles;
  • Priority 3: Development of a technology of production of precise liners made of new materials;
  • Priority 4: Optimization of the shapes of the liners;
  • Priority 5: Development of a technology of manufacturing of the warhead shells providing high strength, accuracy and repeatability;
  • Priority 6: Development of new methods of explosive initiation;
  • Priority 7: Development of multi-liner warheads;
  • Priority 8: Development of initial concepts of new warhead carriers as well as selection of existing ones;
  • Priority 9: Definition of numerical models of the warhead/target systems and performing computer simulations;
  • Priority 10: Performing experimental tests determining the functioning of the developed warhead systems.

Among financed actions

  • Activities aiming to create, underpin and improve knowledge, products and technologies;
  • Activities aiming to increase interoperability and resilience, including second production and exchange of data;
  • Studies, such as feasibility studies;
  • Design of a defence product.

Additional information

  • This call is an open call for proposals.


  • Be a legal entity;
  • Be established in a Member State or in an associated country;
  • Be independent from any third country.
  • Amount of the grant: 10 million euros
  • Co-financing rate: up to 90% of the total eligible costs

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