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H2020 – Specific Grant Agreement European Low-Power Microprocessor Technologies – 2020

To develop, deploy, extend and maintain in the Union an integrated world class supercomputing and data infrastructure and to develop and support a highly competitive and innovative High Performance Computing (HPC) ecosystem

35 million euros

Appeal framework

Institution European Commission
Regions European Union

EU Member States
Associated H2020 countries

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Priorities and funded actions

* Research and Innovation Action proposal for the second phase of the design and development of European low-power processors and related technologies for extreme-scale, high-performance big-data, AI and emerging applications, in accordance with the research roadmap defined in the respective FPA

* Development of the second generation of low-power general purpose processing system units;
* Development of the second generation of low-power processing system units for application acceleration; 
* Validation of the first generation of low-power processing system units developed in Phase 1 (and Phase 2);
* Support for a hardware and software development platform common to different processor and accelerator types.

Amoung financed actions 
* Research and Innovation Action

Additional information
* Initial duration of the action : up to 3 years

* Eligibility: 
– Be a member of consortium


* Amount of the Grant: up to 35 million euros

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