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Horizon 2020 – JTI – FCH2 JU call for proposals – 2020

Target-oriented research and development programme on Fuel cells and Hydrogen to support the broad market introduction of these technologies.

93 million euro

Appeal framework

Institution European Commission
Sectors Energy
Regions European Union

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Priorities and funded actions


– FCH-01-1-2020: Development of hydrogen tanks for electric vehicle architectures
– FCH-01-2-2020: Durability-Lifetime of stacks for Heavy Duty trucks
– FCH-01-3-2020: Liquid Hydrogen on-board storage tanks
– FCH-01-4-2020: Standard Sized FC module for Heavy Duty applications
– FCH-01-5-2020: Demonstration of FC Coaches for regional passenger transport
– FCH-01-6-2020: Demonstration of liquid hydrogen as a fuel for segments of the waterborne sector
– FCH-01-7-2020: Extending the use cases for FC trains through innovative designs and streamlined administrative framework
– FCH-01-8-2020: Scale-up and demonstration of innovative hydrogen compressor technology for full-scale hydrogen refuelling station
– FCH-02-1-2020: Catalyst development for improved economic viability of LOHC technology
– FCH-02-2-2020: Highly efficient hydrogen production using solid oxide electrolysis integrated with renewable heat and power
– FCH-02-3-2020: Diagnostics and Control of SOE
– FCH-02-4-2020: Flexi-fuel stationary SOFC
– FCH-02-5-2020: Underground storage of renewable hydrogen in depleted gas fields and other geological stores
– FCH-02-6-2020: Electrolyser module for offshore production of renewable hydrogen
– FCH-02-7-2020: Cyclic testing of renewable hydrogen storage in a small salt cavern
– FCH-02-8-2020: Demonstration of large-scale co-electrolysis for the Industrial Power-to-X market
– FCH-02-9-2020: Fuel cell for prime power in data-centres
– FCH-03-1-2020: HT proton conducting ceramic materials for highly efficient and flexible operation
– FCH-03-2-2020: Decarbonising islands using renewable energies and hydrogen – H2 Islands
– FCH-04-1-2020: Overcoming technical and administrative barriers to deployment of multi-fuel hydrogen refuelling stations (HRS)
– FCH-04-2-2020: PNR on hydrogen-based fuels solutions for passenger ships
– FCH-04-3-2020: Development of eco-design guidelines for FCH products
– FCH-04-4-2020: Development and validation of existing and novel recycling technologies for key FCH products
– FCH-04-5-2020: Guidelines for Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment (LCSA) of fuel cell and hydrogen systems


* The FCH 2 JU considers that proposals requesting a contribution from the EU of 2 million euro would allow this specific challenge to be addressed appropriately. Nonetheless, this does not preclude submission and selection of proposals requesting other amounts.

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