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Horizon 2020 – Secure societies – Prevention, detection, response and mitigation of combined physical and cyber threats to critical infrastructure in Europe – 2020

Grants for projects aiming to develop research and innovation activities in order to protect European citizens and societies.
20.7 million euros

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Priorities and funded actions

* Assess in detail all aspects of interdependent physical, cyber threats and incidents and the cascading risks resulting from such complex threats;
* Demonstrate the accuracy of their risk assessment approach using specific examples and scenarios of real life and by comparing the results with other risk assessment methodologies;
* Develop improved real-time, evidence-based security management of physical and cyber threats, taking account of the ageing of existing infrastructure;
* Provide scenarios and recommendations for policy planning, engagement of the civil society, and investment measures encompassing all aspects of prevention-detection-response-mitigation

* Address the interrelations between different types of critical infrastructure with the objective of developing tools and methods to minimise cascading effects and allow rapid recovery of service performance levels after incidents

Among financed actions
* Activities up to TRL 7 ;
* Forecast, assessment of physical and cyber risks, prevention, detection, response, and in case of failure, mitigation of consequences (including novel installation designs), and fast recovery after incidents;
* Security and resilience of all functions performed by the installations, and of neighbouring populations and the environment

Additional information
* This call for proposals is an open call for proposals

* Initial duration of the action: up to 24 months

* Eligibility:
– Be a consortium with at least 2 operators of the chosen type of critical infrastructure;
– Be established in 2 Member States or Associated Countries

* The action must take place in an eligible country

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