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Horizon 2020 – Shift2Rail JU – 2020

Public-private partnership in the rail sector, to provide a platform for coordination of research activities with a view to driving innovation in the rail sector

146.6 million euro

Appeal framework

Institution European Commission
Sectors Transport
Regions European Union, Worldwide

Eligible countries are mentionned in Annex A

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Priorities and funded actions


* S2R-CFM-IP1-01-2020: Demonstrators for the next generation of traction systems, smart maintenance, virtual validation and eco-friendly HVAC, and Technical research on battery and hydrogen powered regional trains (BEMU/ HMU) (IP1/IP3)    
* S2R-CFM-IP1-02-2020: Validation of new technologies for the TCMS    
* S2R-CFM-IP2-01-2020: Completion of activities for Adaptable Communication, Moving Block, Fail safe Train Localisation (including satellite), Zero on site Testing, Formal Methods and Cyber Security  * S2R-CFM-IP3-01-2020: Research into optimised and future railway infrastructure    
* S2R-CFM-IP4-01-2020: Enhancing IP4 Ecosystem    
* S2R-CFM-IP5-01-2020: Formulation of the freight train of the future    
* S2R-CFM-IPX-01-2020: Advanced Functions towards Autonomous Trains    
* S2R-CFM-IPX-CCA-02-2020: Evolution of Railways System Architecture and Conceptual Data Model (CDM)    
* S2R-OC-CCA-01-2020: Noise and Vibration (WA5)    
* S2R-OC-IP1-01-2020: Support to Development of next generation of Traction systems (TD1.1)    
* S2R-OC-IP1-02-2020: Network and end-device equipment for the validation of the next generation of TCMS (TD1.2)    
* S2R-OC-IP1-03-2020: Innovative technologies for Carbodies and Running Gear of the future (TD1.3 + TD 1.4)    
* S2R-OC-IP2-01-2020: Modelling of the Moving Block system specification and future architecture (TD2.3) + RAIM algorithms, Assessment Report and support for Railway Minimum Operational Performance Standards (TD2.4)    
* S2R-OC-IP2-02-2020: Study on alternative bearers and on communication protocols    
* S2R-OC-IP3-01-2020: Next Generation Track Transition Zones (TD3.4)   
* S2R-OC-IP3-02-2020: Technology Development for Railway Systems Asset Management (TD3.6)    
* S2R-OC-IP3-03-2020: Advanced tools and equipment: collaborative robots & wearable mobile machines (TD3.8)    
* S2R-OC-IP4-01-2020: Supporting the implementation of the IP4 multi-modal transport ecosystem (iTD4.7)    
* S2R-OC-IPX-01-2020: Innovation in guided transport


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