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Horizon Europe – A human-centred and ethical development of digital and industrial technologies (2023 CNECT) – 2023

Horizon Europe - A human-centred and ethical development of digital and industrial technologies (2023 CNECT) aiming at optimizing AI solutions

Detailed budget by topic below

Appeal framework

Institution European Commission
Sectors Research & Innovation Technology & Digital
Beneficiaries Association & NGO EU & International Organisation Research centre & university
Regions Developing countries, European Economic Area, European Union
  • Member States
  • Associated Countries
  • Low and middle-income countries

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Priorities and funded actions

Some Horizon Europe budgets are structured in response to policy ambitions (“destinations”) and deployed through calls for proposals targeting more specific thematic/sector (“Topics”). Thus, your application must be linked to a topic of a call for proposals.


Various categories of projects are eligible:

  • RIA, Research and Innovation Actions: Basic and applied research / Technology development and adoption / Testing and validation of a prototype in the laboratory.
  • IA, Innovation Actions: Prototypes, tests, demonstrations, pilot projects, market placement. These actions may include limited R&D activities.
  • CSA, Coordination and Support Actions: Networking, studies & conferences, communication, studies for new research infrastructures.
  • MSCA, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions / ERC individual grants: Training networks for researchers, Individual grants for experienced researchers, Staff exchange – mobility for researchers and non-scientific staff.


In addition, calls specify the categories of eligible beneficiaries:

  • Collaborative projects, composed of a coordinator and several partners organisations (consortium)
  • Single-beneficiary projects, involving a single organization
  • Individual scholarships, open to natural persons in their own name with their home institution



  • HORIZON-CL4-2023-HUMAN-01-01: Efficient trustworthy AI – making the best of data (AI, Data and Robotics Partnership) (RIA)
  • HORIZON-CL4-2023-HUMAN-01-02: Large Scale pilots on trustworthy AI data and robotics addressing key societal challenges (AI Data and Robotics Partnership) (IA)
  • HORIZON-CL4-2023-HUMAN-01-03: Natural Language Understanding and Interaction in Advanced Language Technologies (AI Data and Robotics Partnership) (RIA)
  • HORIZON-CL4-2023-HUMAN-01-04: Open innovation: Addressing Grand challenges in AI (AI Data and Robotics Partnership) (CSA)
  • HORIZON-CL4-2023-HUMAN-01-05: Through AI from Disinformation to Trust (IA)
  • HORIZON-CL4-2023-HUMAN-01-11: Next Generation Internet Fund (RIA)
  • HORIZON-CL4-2023-HUMAN-01-12: Pilots for the Next Generation Internet (IA)
  • HORIZON-CL4-2023-HUMAN-01-13: Next Generation Internet International Collaboration – USA (RIA)
  • HORIZON-CL4-2023-HUMAN-01-14: Next Generation Internet Commons Policy (CSA)
  • HORIZON-CL4-2023-HUMAN-01-21: Next Generation eXtended Reality (RIA)
  • HORIZON-CL4-2023-HUMAN-01-22: eXtended Reality for Industry 5.0 (IA)
  • HORIZON-CL4-2023-HUMAN-01-23: Supporting the emergence of an open humancentric Metaverse (CSA)
  • HORIZON-CL4-2023-HUMAN-01-65: Support facility for digital standardisation and international cooperation in digital partnerships (CSA)
  • HORIZON-CL4-2023-HUMAN-01-66: Promoting EU standards globally (CSA)
  • HORIZON-CL4-2023-HUMAN-01-81: Digital Humanism – Putting people at the centre of the digital transformation (CSA)
  • HORIZON-CL4-2023-HUMAN-01-82: Art-driven digital innovation: Towards human compatible and ecologically conscious technology (CSA)

Amount per topic:

  • HORIZON-CL4-2023-HUMAN-01-01: 35 million euro
  • HORIZON-CL4-2023-HUMAN-01-02: 24 million euro
  • HORIZON-CL4-2023-HUMAN-01-03: 20 million euro
  • HORIZON-CL4-2023-HUMAN-01-04: 4 million euro
  • HORIZON-CL4-2023-HUMAN-01-05: 10 million euro
  • HORIZON-CL4-2023-HUMAN-01-11: 27 million euro
  • HORIZON-CL4-2023-HUMAN-01-12: 14 million euro
  • HORIZON-CL4-2023-HUMAN-01-13: 4 million euro
  • HORIZON-CL4-2023-HUMAN-01-14: 2 million euro
  • HORIZON-CL4-2023-HUMAN-01-21: 26 million euro
  • HORIZON-CL4-2023-HUMAN-01-22: 25 million euro
  • HORIZON-CL4-2023-HUMAN-01-23: 2 million euro
  • HORIZON-CL4-2023-HUMAN-01-65: 1.50 million euro
  • HORIZON-CL4-2023-HUMAN-01-66: 2.50 million euro
  • HORIZON-CL4-2023-HUMAN-01-81: 1.50 million euro
  • HORIZON-CL4-2023-HUMAN-01-82: 3 million euro

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