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IPA – Climate Change Adaptation Grant Programme (CCAGP) – 2020

The IPA aims to help countries meet the Copenhagen accession criteria (political, economic and acquis communautaire) and to develop administrative and judicial capacity. It also helps the countries to prepare for the management of Structural Funds, Cohesion Funds and Rural Development Funds after accession (by preparing the necessary structures and systems and by financing projects).

6.8 million euro

Appeal framework

Institution European Commission
Sectors All sectors
Regions Candidate countries, European Union

Candidate countries: Turkey

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Priorities and funded actions

* To improve resilience of communities and cities, protect natural resources and ecosystems and enhance adaptation capacity of vulnerable economic sectors

* Priority 1: Development of local climate action plans and strategies and/or preparation of decision-making tools (modelling, impact and vulnerability analysis, etc.);
* Priority 2: Avoiding and reducing exposure to climate change related risks (water scarcity, droughts, forest fires, floods, extreme weather events, etc.);
– Priority 3: Enhancing resilience of sectors impacted by climate change (please see section 2.1.4 for sectors);
– Priority 4: Enhancing the exchange of adaptation know-how and experience among organizations and cities within Turkey and/or the EU for creation and/or implementation of innovative climate change adaptation technologies and systems

Among financed actions
* Integrating adaptation to the impacts of climate change in local and sectoral policies and strengthening capacity, interagency cooperation and coordination;
* Developing and expanding R&D and scientific studies to ensure adaptation to the impacts of climate change in relevant sectors;
* Enhancing sustainable production and consumption and developing innovative financing tools for climate change adaptation;
* Enhancing community-based adaptation measures in combating climate change;
* Piloting demonstrative actions in the field of climate change adaptation;
* Raising awareness on the urgency and importance of adapting to climate change;
* Dissemination of best practices especially in collaboration with organizations and cities within Turkey and/or the EU;
* Identifying threats and risks and strengthening response mechanisms for management of natural disasters caused by climate change and reducing vulnerabilities including disaster risk mitigation;
* Developing capacity and improving interagency cooperation among state and non-state actors;
* Identifying and monitoring the impacts of climate change at local level;
* Developing emergency response action plans in risky areas, early warning systems and supplying the necessary infrastructure;
* Developing and/or implementing technology and innovative tools for climate change adaptation;
* Climate change adaptation action planning and strategy development also addressing mitigation

Additional information

* This call is a restricted call for proposals. In first instance, only concept notes will be evaluated

* Initial duration of the action: between 12 and 18 months

* Eligibility:
– Be a legal person;
– Be non-profit-making;
– Be established in a Member State of the European Union or Turkey or an eligible country according to the IPA Regulation;
– For Lot 1: be an NGO(association and foundation, etc.), be a municipality, be local authority (regional or provincial directorate, special provincial administration, governorship, etc.), be a university or research institution/centre, be a development agency, be a non-profit union, cooperative or be representative organizations of businesses and private sector at local level such as chambers, professional organizations, etc;
– For Lot 2: be a municipality, be a local authority (regional or provincial directorate, special provincial administration, governorship, etc.), or be a university or research institution/centre

– Actions must take place in Turkey


* Indicative budget per lot:
– Lot 1: 2.5 million euro
– Lot 2: 4.3 million euro

* Amount of the grant:
– Lot 1: between 50,000 and 150,000 euro
– Lot 2: between 150,000 and 400,000 euro

* Co-financing rate: up to 90% of the total eligible costs

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