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JPI Oceans – ERA-NET Cofund on Blue Bioeconomy (BlueBio) for unlocking the Potential of Aquatic bio resources – 2020

The Joint Programming Initiative Healthy and Productive Seas and Oceans (JPI Oceans) is a coordinating and integrating platform, open to all EU Member States and Associated Countries

11 million euros

Appeal framework

Institution European Commission
Regions European Union

Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Malta, Norway, Portugal, Romania, and Spain

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Priorities and funded actions

* Advancing the supply systems in the blue bioeconomy value chains: to advance the blue bioeconomy further, research and innovation therefore need to increase its focus on the supply systems of Europe’s blue bioeconomy value chains, to unlock its full potential;
* Responsible Research and Innovation: to respond to the need for building competence and skills;
* Human capacity building: to facilitate the transfer of projects’ results to society (particularly, to scientific educators, science-policy makers and industry actors), for their further use/implementation in future programs at local, national or EU level in order to improve the use bio- based products and related services to the market and to prepare a new generation of marine biotechnologists;
* Communication: to ensure effective dissemination of research findings

* Advancing supply systems;
* Responsible Research and Innovation;
* Human capacity building;
* Communication

Amongst financed actions
* Advancing supply systems
– Enable better transmission of relevant biomass information throughout the value chain to support traceability and quality monitoring;
– Deliver knowledge about potential measures in the value chain which can enhance food-based products and feeds;
– Advance approaches, which improve the provisioning of consistent quality and quantity of biomass to the value chains;
– Advance pre-processing options and approaches, which can assure quality characterization and preservation of both present and new types of biomasses as near as possible to the harvesting activity;
– Develop solutions that reduce production of waste from blue bioeconomy value chains;
– Reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions in the supply systems, while maintaining or improving the quality of the biomasses;
– Reduce the environmental footprint in the whole supply chain and enhance the adoption and use of circular / co-farming systems;
– Improve the ability in the supply system aspects to take advantage of the inherent seasonality in the availability of the bio-resources;
– Improve the ability in the supply system aspects to take advantage of the diversity of the bio-resources

* Responsible Research and Innovation
– Involvement of stakeholders in dialogues to make informed decisions about safe, healthy and sustainable food;
– Societal matters and public attitudes towards bio-based products and services to develop acceptable products and services in the markets;
– Policymaking in bio-based research, innovation and technology development;
– Improving the professional skills and competences of those working and being trained to work within the blue bioeconomy;
– Training and mobility of personnel

* Human capacity building: training and mobility activities

* Communication: scientific publication and user-oriented communication activities

Additionnal information
* This call for proposals is a restricted call for proposals. In the first instance, only concept notes will be evaluated

* Initial duration of the action: up to 36 months

* Eligibility:
– Be established in one of the following participating countries: Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Malta, Norway, Portugal, Romania, and Spain;
– The transnational consortium must consist of at least three independent eligible legal entities from at least three BlueBio partner countries;
– The maximum project size consists of ten eligible partners. Industry or research institutes from partner or non-partner countries with own funds are not included in this number. Within a project, a maximum number of five applicants from partner or non-partner countries who bring their own funds, will be accepted;
– All proposals must involve both research organisations and industry. Participation of SMEs is especially encouraged


* Grant amount: up to 1.5 million euros 

* Co-financing rate: up to 60% of the total eligible costs

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