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NDICI – Human Rights & Democracy & Civil Society Organisations – Republic of Guinea – 2023

Neighbourhood, Development and International Cooperation Instrument - Human Rights and Democracy & Civil Society Organisations - Republic of Guinea aiming at contributing to justice through increased accountability for violations.

2.850 million euro

Appeal framework

Sectors Citizenship & Human Rights Civil Protection & Risks Cooperation & Development Culture, Media & Communication Education & Training Justice, Security, Defence
Beneficiaries Association & NGO
Regions Africa-Carribean-Pacific, European Union

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Priorities and funded actions


Lot 1:

  • Contribute to justice through increased accountability for gender-based violations
  • Fight against impunity for perpetrators of gender-based violence, while taking into account the principle of “do no harm

Lot 2:

  • Strengthen the capacity of Guinean CSOs to engage in policy dialogue at national level and in the implementation and monitoring of development plans and programmes
  • Create funding opportunities for accompanied CSO projects by strengthening their capacities, particularly those required to manage these funds appropriately


Lot 1:

  • Elaboration of a strategy to sensitise the population – and (young) men in particular – against violence against women/girls, for the respect of human rights and against all forms of violence
  • Sensitisation of the authorities and the general public on the need to ensure that those guilty of crimes of Gender Based Violence (GBV) including Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and Sexual Violence (SV) are brought to justice, through the development of communication campaigns
  • Advocacy towards the competent governmental authorities in order to face the increase of GBV cases in the country, to systematically collect data related to GBV, to measure the scope of the problem and to give it the priority it deserves from all points of view (judicial, medical, social, cultural)
  • Train authorities, law enforcement agencies (especially outside of Conakry), the media and social networks on human rights and the procedures to follow to ensure that they are respected, with a focus on GBV/FGM
  • Increase the effectiveness of prosecutions against perpetrators of GBV/ASM, including through improved legal assistance for victims
  • In agreement/collaboration with the authorities, create one-stop centres and/or collaborate with existing structures (preferable option) to provide sustainable and integrated protection services to victims of gender-based violence (health care, psychosocial support, legal and police services) with a survivor-centred approach
  • Support the collection of appropriate information, including statistical and research data

Lot 2:

  • Development of regular calls for proposals for Guinean CSO-initiated micro-projects (third party funding) to be selected/managed by the main contractor through a simplified procedure
  • Capacity building of Guinean CSOs

Among financed actions

Lot 1:

  • Carrying out analyses/studies on the phenomenon of GBV/VSBG/FGM and trafficking in persons in Guinea to be used as a basis for CSO advocacy to lobby the relevant authorities
  • Support the collection of appropriate information, including statistical and research data
  • Capacity building of women/youth organisations but also of authorities/ law enforcement agencies and the media, including social networks, on the fight against GBV/FGM and trafficking in persons
  • Awareness campaigns/civic education at the community and individual levels, information/training for young men and women on GBV/VSBG/FGM and human trafficking in order to alert them to the risks/consequences and to mobilize the population in the fight against such violence
  • Cultural and educational awareness-raising activities at the community level / production and broadcasting of radio programmes in local languages to raise awareness about the fight against GBV/FGM and human trafficking and to promote the protection of women and children
  • Legal assistance provided to victims of GBV/FGM who have decided to prosecute the perpetrators of these crimes
  • In collaboration with the authorities, establishment of one-stop centres and/or strengthening of existing structures to provide sustainable and integrated protection services to victims of gender-based violence (health care, psychosocial support, legal and police services) with a survivor-centred approach

Lot 2:

  • Creation of a mechanism/opening of a “window” which will be in charge of selecting through the publication of a call for proposals the best projects of Guinean CSOs and granting them funding for the implementation of these projects, funding which will be accompanied by training for the beneficiary Guinean CSOs

Additional information

  • This call for proposals is an open call for proposals.
  • Initial duration of the action: Between 36 and 48 months


  • be a legal entity
  • Be a non profit entity
  • Be a non-governmental organisation
  • The following applicants are also eligible: Agencies of the Member States of the European Union
  • Total budget of the call: EUR 2.850 million
  • Amount of the grant:
    • Lot 1: Between 1.250 million and 1.350 million euro
    • Lot 2: Between 2.3 million and 2.5 million euro
  • Co-financing rate:
    • Lot 1: Between 80% and 90% of total eligible costs
    • Lot 2: Between 90% and 95% of total eligible costs

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